There is no doubt that covid 19 has changed our lives once and for all. It is true that this pandemic has taught us many things and continues to do so. In the times of the pandemic, many of us have lost our family members and these times are sure to be grieved upon.

As far as the dilemma is concerned we have to remain cornered at home during all these times and this is certainly affecting us.

In this article, we will find out about how Covid 19 is causing problems in men’s health.

Impact of covid 19 on men’s health

Covid 19 is affecting us mentally and physically. It has to be said for those of us who are alive we are facing these problems.

While in the times of lockdown we have got a never before seen unlimited time for spending quality time with our family and friends but deep thinking will also let us find out that there are many negative sides to it.

How loss of jobs is related to your health?

The most concerning thing that we in the times of corona period are witnessing is the fact that due to this lockdown many of us have to lose our jobs. And this has a lot of concerning factors on our health.

The loss of jobs means that people won’t be able to earn. Think about those families who have one bread earner in the family and that person too has lost their job.

Don’t you think that the person is surely going to be mentally harassed? It surely will affect you psychically and this can result in various psychological issues cropping up over the years.

Also, a point that needs to be noted here is that when you lose your mainstream income your physical health will also take a hit for the worst.

Without money, we are not able to have a strong and healthy diet and this will surely affect our health and lives.

Loss of jobs also means that you are not able to continue with the regular treatment for those who do. They will not be able to continue with their treatment, buy costly medicines, and pay doctor bills or their health insurance premiums.

While it is true that as of now it seems that the period of covid 19 might just have gone out of the peak but we are still reeling from the effects.

How is lack of immunity causing a problem?

The other probably more concerning thing is the lack of a proper diet and a proper lifestyle also affects us from the immune point of view.

If you are not able to take the right diet your immune system grows weaker and weaker till the time you become naturally prone to be affected by the virus.

And there cannot be a better example than this of how the present times are affecting a man’s health from the physical point of view.

Your lack of immune system can make you prone to not only being affected by the virus but to other diseases as well such as common cold, flu, fever, coughing, etc.

Immunity is something that grows naturally provide we all maintain the proper lifestyle such as having the right diet taking, the right protein supplements and going to the gym, or doing physical training exercises that enable us to remain fit.

How are we getting affected by staying at home?

Now, here we will stretch on another important point and that is how staying at home can be downsized effects on our health psychologically.

While it is true that those who stay together can enjoy the quality time when they are staying at home with their family and friends.

But think of those men who work in a different far-off location leaving behind their loved ones back at home.

They have no option to come back home and are forced to stay away even though they might be economically affected. If this period continues to go on and on then this surely will hamper us psychologically and this may crop of in us dangerous psychological diseases such as anxiety, depression, panic, stress, etc.

The cause of psychological issues added with physical problems cropping up or existing ones can also make us victims of many physical sexual diseases such as ED.

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How do you deal with this?

It is certainly very challenging to stay motivated during these times. Nevertheless, you will have to remain positive about your and your family’s future. The topmost thing that covid 19 viruses have taught us is that we need to take proper care of our diet and staying fit has to be one of the top priorities in life.