The vehicle culture in Australia is distinct and fascinating. Since 1931, Holden, a GM subsidiary, has produced iconic and influential automobiles that blend stand-alone style with emissions management that isn't unduly strict. The 1979 film Mad Max brought some of these brutally powerful cars to the attention of a global audience. So you should only want the best things for your Holden if you own one. That's precisely why you should use genuine Holden parts.

Buying Parts for Your Holden

The design and manufacture of parts, particularly for your Holden, help you get the most out of your vehicle's reliability and resale value. Holden thoroughly tests them to ensure that they meet or exceed recognised safety requirements, ensuring that performance and reliability are not compromised. On your Holden, you should never use non-genuine or illegal counterfeit components. Only purchase parts from a reputable Holden repair shop.

Various Parts Required for Your Holden

If you're replacing parts on a Holden, keep in mind that authentic pieces fit better than any counterfeit parts.

Cleaners, Oils, and Fluids

Use Holden-approved fluids and cleansers regularly to maintain optimum performance and protect the inner workings of your car. You will even save your monies in the long run if you use original parts.
Products required:

  • Engine lubricants
  • Fluids for brakes
  • Screenwash
  • Degassers, cleaners, and penetrants
  • Fluids used in transmissions
  • Coolant for gear oil
  • Additives, sealants, and special lubricantres


Genuine Holden filters are unaffected by impurities in the air, fuel, or oil. Unlike non-genuine or counterfeit filters, they're designed specifically for your car by Holden to provide the best possible protection.
Products required:

  • Filter for the air
  • Filter for gasoline
  • Cabin filtration
  • Filter for oil

Engine And Transmission

The engine and transmission provide the power and dependability you require every time you get behind the wheel. You should only use genuine and factory-authorised parts in your car for better performance.
Products required:

  • Clutches
  • Belts that keep time
  • Plugs for the ignition system
  • Exhaust

Suspension and Brakes

The quality of the parts used to keep your Holden in good working order might have an impact on your driving experience and safety. Only Holden Dealers can provide a wide range of genuine Holden parts to maintain your Holden handling and stopping as it should.

Products required:

  • Pads for brakes
  • Components of the suspension
  • Disc brakes
  • Wheels


When you need dependable starting power, ACDelco batteries are the way to go. Quality ACDelco batteries are standard equipment in Holden and GM vehicles around the world. Heavy-duty technologies are used in the latest ACDelco batteries to handle stop and start engine technology demands.


Holden remanufactured automatic transmissions are the industry's best, offering unrivalled quality, dependability, and value for money.

For various reasons, using genuine new parts for your car and any associated repairs is critical. Genuine parts are created or chosen by the vehicle's manufacturer and extensively evaluated as an integral vehicle element to ensure high quality, safety, and performance standards.

It assures that your car will perform as intended in terms of driving, functionality, and safety. Genuine Holden parts are brand new and are the only parts that the vehicle's manufacturer has approved and warranted. Hence, non-authentic components cannot always guarantee the same level of quality and safety as a genuine part can.

About The Author: Sanath Pollemore