Having a home built is a big decision, let alone deciding how big you want it to be. You recently purchased land, and now, it's time to get a house plan rolling. But first, you need to decide how much square footage you want for your home.

You may have thought this was an easy decision, but it turns out it isn't! There’s so much to consider and your head may be spinning trying to take it all in.

If you're struggling with how big you want your house to be, ask yourself the below questions. They'll help you determine how much square footage is suitable for your home!

1. Do You Plan to Have a Patio and Garage?

Ask yourself if you want to have a patio and garage. Both can be as small or large as you'd like. Having a good idea of how much space you'll need plays a big part in the square foot of your home.


For a patio, address how big you want it to be and whether you want enough room for furniture. Depending on the furniture you go with, it could end up taking up a good majority of the deck. You may also want to put some planter beds on your deck.

Take these things into consideration when deciding on the size of your deck.


In regards to your garage, do you want a two-car or three-car garage? That will largely depend on how many vehicles you have now. Also, think about whether you think you’ll get another car in the future.

It's essential to make sure the garage size you go with will hold all your vehicles. Otherwise, you'll have to park one of them in your driveway or on the side of the street.

2. How Much Furniture Do You Want to Keep?

Take into account how much furniture you have. If you're currently in a large house and would like to downsize, write down which furniture you'd like to keep. Then, from there, gather how much space you'd need to house it all.

For example, if you plan to keep three expensive beds, you may want a three-bedroom floor plan. Likewise, if you have a lot of office furniture and decor, you may wish to have enough space for two offices.

Having a list of the furniture you plan to keep (and plan to buy too!) will make it easier to gauge how much room you’ll need.

3. How Many Bathrooms Do You Plan to Have?

Believe it or not, but figuring out how many bathrooms you want can provide you guidance for the rest of the house.

Say you want two bathrooms total. Then, one or two bedrooms will likely work well. For example, a one-bedroom could be a master bedroom with an attached bathroom. And, the extra bathroom could be a guest bathroom in the hallway close to the guest bedroom.

Keep your needs in mind and determine whether you can make do with one or more bathrooms. This is another deciding factor that'll give you guidance on the space of your home.

4. Do You Have a Family or Plan to Have One?

How many children do you have, or how many do you plan to have? You may be newly married, so having a child isn't on your mind yet. But, if you don't want to move right away, it'd be wise to assess whether you'll need the extra room.

If you end up having a child or more children than you already have, then you'll need more bedrooms. That means you should shop for a bigger house plan with extra square footage!

It's impossible to predict how many kids you'll have, but given what you know now, plan accordingly.

5. Do You Have Pets or Want to Get Some?

Don't forget about your furry pals! Your pets can also aid you as you look at different floor plans.

For one, if you have a large dog like an Alaskan Malamute or Afghan Hound, they'll need plenty of room to roam around!

If you have too small a house, it could be that your large dog could take up an entire bedroom! Well, your pet won't literally take up the whole bedroom. But you can see why it makes sense to consider this.

You may have more than one pet, too. For example, if you have two dogs and two cats, you'll need room for their beds and accessories. You may even want to designate a room just for them!

And, if you really love having animals in your home, you may or may not desire to get another furry family member.

Don't underestimate how much room a pet needs to walk around and how durable your furniture will need to be!


It's impossible to know the exact square footage you'll need in your home. But asking yourself these questions will give you a good start.

It's vital to ask yourself a range of questions to figure out what the best floor plan would be for you. Then, you can always have a builder create an addition to your house later on.

But, it'll be a lot easier to build a house now that you'll be happy with in the future. So, do your best to factor everything in to get the best floor plan for your dream house.

The ending result should be everything you ever wanted and more!