An anniversary marks the day of love and commitment partners give to each other. It’s not only special for the married couple but their well-wishers too. The day they entered the holy matrimony, the family got a new member. Anniversary day brings in a lot of nostalgic memories from the wedding day. A couple of the day throws a party to celebrate the love, and family members sing and dance in their happiness. Friends and relatives bring in gifts to shower blessings upon them and to mark their presence.

Choosing an anniversary gifts for her is not an easy task, You get confused with the options, and you doubt your choices whether it's worth gifting or not. Constant dilemma surrounds you. Having a sorted and handpicked list of anniversary gifts will make the task a lot easier for you.

Personalized balloons: As a gift-giver, you may feel everyone gives flower bouquets. They have become passe’. You can get imaginative with your bouquets. You can give a personalized balloon bouquet, with the couple's favourite chocolates. If not chocolates, a teddy bear is a lovely alternative. A balloon bouquet with pictures is also a trending anniversary gift choice. 

Flower Box with Chocolates: A heart-shaped box hand-arranged with blooming roses, and Ferrero Rocher looks pretty and appropriate for the occasion. The couple will be delighted to receive such a beautiful and delectable gift. They can keep it as a showcase for days and relish chocolates every night. This gift is also the perfect choice if you are giving it to your spouse. Roses will be the embodiment of your love, and chocolates fit every occasion.

Plants: Plants have made it to our gift list. Plants are thoughtful gifts. It is always good to give a plant. On Anniversary, plants will symbolize that your relationship may continue to grow and bloom. You can give a Lucky Bamboo plant with two stalks to represent your love for them or three stalks that mean health, life, and wealth. Personalised plant pots with anniversary wishes will leave the couple in awe of your thoughtfulness. If your spouse is a plant lover, show your love on the anniversary with a plant gift.

Precious Flower: In the category of precious flowers, you can buy either an eternal flower or a golden flower. A gold-plated rose will remain the same forever. It can be decorated in a vase. The golden rose will remind you and your partner of the forever love you both shared. Then, you can give your partner an eternal rose that lasts for more than a year. Then, as a friend or family member as well you can give these with a message “ May your love continue to remain as fresh as these roses.” The gift will make sense for the event. Golden wedding anniversary flowers for the 50th and silver anniversary flowers for the 25th.

Couple Caricature: Every time gifting a traditional anniversary gift may not appeal to you. You may look for ideas that are different and unique. A couple caricature is an acrylic cutout of the couple’s photograph. It can be decorated as a showpiece. A creative gift option that the couple will like.

Gourmet Boxes: Edible gifts are always appreciated because everyone likes to eat chocolates, cakes, and other exotic desserts. For the anniversary, you can extend a box of anniversary-themed cakesicles, hot chocolate balls, cupcakes, chocolate-covered strawberries. Have all the tasty desserts in the box for the couple. If it is for your spouse, you are going to win it big because she will love everything inside. Relish the moment with a gourmet box.

Love Letters/Wishes: Improvising the way love letters are given. Small glass bottles with a cork and a personalised anniversary message inside. You can write your letter on a piece of paper, roll it and fill in the glass bottles. If it is for someone else, write down on a piece of paper that would be given inside mini glass jars packed in a personalised box gift.

Cuddly Cushions: Cushions can transform the appeal of a room. Emoji cushions, LED photo cushions, heart-shaped cushions will give a romantic look to the couple’s room or home. Hence, it is the best-suited choice. A universal gift choice apt for friends, siblings, parents.

This time, give something lovely and adorable on the anniversary.