When focusing on improving the bottom line of a business, machine maintenance and replacements can easily become a huge drain on a business's resources, eating into the business´ revenue. This can especially be the case, if the business utilizes expensive and complicated machinery, as these machines are even more costly to repair or replace. Moreover, the complexity of repairing the machinery can also result in an extensive amount of downtime in production flows, further damaging production output and revenue potential.

It is therefore imperative, that machine manufacturers design their machines to limit the chance of such costly maintenance and repairs from occurring. This can be achieved, in part, by making sure, that the machinery uses high-quality leveling feet.

Read on and find out exactly how levelling feet help improve ROI and increase the applicability of your machinery, effectively increasing your potential sales numbers.

Optimize production output and avoid downtime

Leveling feet are important components in any industrial machinery. Leveling feet make up the foundation of the machinery, which is exactly why they are so important for the safe and efficient operation of the machinery.

Leveling feet are used for leveling the machinery. This is obvious, but what is not obvious is the clear benefits the quality leveling feet can have on your machinery. For machine manufacturers, this results in more attractive machines, that businesses will be prone to invest in. Moreover, leveling feet can add extra functionality to the machine, making it even more attractive for businesses with particular needs.

By leveling the machinery, you will increase the stability of the machinery, which in turn makes the machinery both safer and cheaper to operate.

A smart business decision

For the business, leveling feet are a no-brainer. Perfect leveling and proper support for the machinery has clear benefits. Perfect leveling makes sure that the machinery will be securely fastened to the production floor, eliminating a lot of risks associated with the operation of heavy machinery.

Industrial machinery usually weighs a lot and uses a lot of force in its operation. This weight and the forces are an obvious potential risk to the employees of the company. Correct leveling of the machinery will stabilize the machinery, all but eliminating the risk of machinery moving around or tipping over due to the vibrations from operating the machinery.

Additionally, the leveling feet also improves the safety of employees by protecting the machinery itself. Vibrations or movements associated with the operation of machinery can be extremely damaging to the machine. This is also why leveling feet often have dampening functions, that can help to diminish these damaging vibrations, thereby extending the lifetime of and lowering the maintenance required for the machinery.

Improve efficiency with integrated features

Leveling feet can have several features that, when utilized in the right environments, can help improve production output and lower other costs in the production flow.

Leading manufacturers of leveling feet offer a number of features such as an integrated weighing system, seismic protection, hygienic design, and specialized designs for, particularly heavy machinery.

The weighing system has a wide application across many sectors, where weighing machinery load can provide valuable details, that can be used to improve or monitor the production flow. Moreover, it can cut a step from the production flow, avoiding the need to weigh the product or component as a separate step in the production flow.

The seismic protection not only concerns the machine´s own vibrations but can also extend to the protection of machinery from extreme natural disasters such as earthquakes. This can be particularly useful in areas, where earthquakes and other natural disasters are a real possibility.

In some production environments, there are strict hygienic requirements. This is when leveling feet with a hygienic design becomes invaluable, as they can help keep the production environment sanitary and reduce the resource demand required for sanitizing the work environment. Hygienic designs involve eliminating or covering up areas in the leveling feet construction, that are difficult to keep clean, allowing for easy cleaning by simply using high-pressure washing. Moreover, hygienic designs usually also entail using stainless steel in order to avoid rust, as rust creates an uneven surface that can be difficult to clean properly.

When selecting hygienic leveling feet, you can always look at the manufacturing certificates of the leveling feet, such as the 3-A, EHEDG ad USDA certificates, which are clear indicators that the leveling feet have a proper hygienic design following correct hygienic principles. This ensures that the leveling feet actually will fulfil the demands of the food and pharmaceutical industries.

While hygiene is not a requirement in many production environments, there is no doubt that a hygienic design is becoming more and more important. Therefore, a hygienic design will not only allow the leveling feet from being used in food and pharma industries but will also help future-proofing the production plant, as the machinery will also fulfil the demands of the future.

Selecting your leveling feet

When deciding on what leveling feet are the right ones for your machinery, there are a plethora of considerations that must be made. Most important are the basic requirements such as the weight being supported and the size of the leveling feet.

Secondarily, you can evaluate the requirements based on the application of the machine. Is the machine designed for the food or pharmaceutical sectors? In that case, a hygienic design would be an obvious feature to consider.

Naturally, there are many other aspects to consider, and you will probably not think of all of them. Therefore, it is important to find a business partner, who can supply all leveling feet for your needs, and who can also offer valuable consulting regarding the optimal leveling feet for your machine designs. NGI Hygienic Components is a business that offers close consulting, while also being a market leader within the leveling feet industry. With more than 30 years of experience, you can be sure to find the right leveling feet in the highest quality possible with all the features your unique situation requires.