Owning a home is hard work. Millions of Americans save for years to put together the cash for a down payment on their first home, yet the real work only begins after you move into the property and start to take ownership over all the little things that go on in the space. As a renter, your primary benefit is that the landlord is responsible for things like window replacement, a broken dishwasher, or painting the walls.

These tasks can get expensive, especially in an older home, but as the tenant, none of that is your concern. You simply pass on the information to the property owner and wait for the fix to come back to you and your living space. As a homeowner, you suddenly take on all this responsibility, however, this isn’t all bad—or even mostly negative!

There are some fundamental changes that you’ll have to get used to, of course, but homeownership is a dream for many, and for good reason. These resources can help you to navigate the growing pains and sometimes costly learning experiences that come along with a first home. While first time buyers are getting older, the lessons that professionals can impart remain timeless. Getting straight to the point can save you time, energy, and cash.


Hiring a trustworthy plumber is a must for any new homeowner. Installing new appliances, testing the backflow on your water source, and maintaining the water pressure throughout the home are all essential tasks that many new homeowners simply can’t do on their own.

If you’ve never managed a household before, learning to conduct many of these tasks can be a painful experience that ends up with a call to the plumber anyway. Many homeowners ask “why is backflow testing required?” when they learn about the practice. The answer is actually quite simple. Backflow testing helps to prevent contaminants from entering your home’s water supply and getting you and your family sick. Laws all across the country mandate the use of backflow testing, but hiring a plumber to fulfil the testing requirements for you can give you a firsthand example of how the process is completed—as well as many other plumbing and water service jobs as well.

Remodeling Early

Another great lesson to learn is the practice of fast remodelling. The average homeowner in the United States will remain in their property for about thirteen years. This means that any remodelling work that you do in the first few years of your residence in any property is likely to give you your money’s worth in utility.

Replacing features in the kitchen, such as granite or quartz countertops in Phoenix, is a great place to begin when engineering a remodel. In addition to plumbing work, installing new countertops, stove heating elements, or even an island in the kitchen can give you the dream space that you’ve always wanted for your cooking. Many Americans love spending time in the kitchen, but the spaces that you may be used to as a renter are typically lacking in the pizazz of a customized home kitchen that’s truly yours. With new countertops made of granite, marble, or quartz that come directly to you from the showroom, this dream can be made a reality and one that will last for many years to come.

Taking advantage of the customization that you can make as a homeowner is a freedom that many new buyers fail to capitalize on as they move into their new property. Make sure you take these tips on board for a fuller experience in your new home. Bring in your own personal style and flair and you’ll never have a dull moment while experiencing life from the comfort of a space that’s all yours.