Bladeless Fan

Blades are an integral part of a fan. But when buying a fan these days, you can go ‘bladeless.’ A bladeless fan is not a fan without blades. It just comes with no visible blades as they are hidden. It emits air via a ring-type hollow. It is based on air multiplier technology and generates a high amount of air that can then be directed throughout the room. The compressor in the fan base attracts air and passes it to the ring, which pushes it out via slits resulting in a hassle-free and rapid air stream.

So why should you consider buying a bladeless fan?

Here are the key reasons:

Less Power Consumption

A bladeless fan operates on a simple technique of extracting and pushing out air. Thus, it does not consume a high amount of electricity and can save you money on your power bills. It is also advanced as it multiplies the airflow emission, which creates a cooling effect.

Since it comes without any visible blades, it is safer to use than a traditional ceiling/table fan because there is no chance of you or your children getting cut. Some bladeless fans also come with built-in filters, which purify the air before circulating it in the room, making it cleaner and safer.

Easy to Clean

Due to the hollow tube, you can clean a bladeless fan easily. You must know how much a traditional fan's blades accumulate dust and how difficult it is to clean them. When you use a bladeless fan, cleaning is much easier and less time-consuming.

Remote Controlled

Most bladeless fans come with a remote control. Hence you don't need to get out of bed to manually change the fan's speed or turn it off or on when necessary.

Light Weight

Bladeless fans are also relatively lighter than traditional ones. So, they are easily movable from one place to another. They are also smaller than the other fans and hence can be easily carried around in your trunk.

No Buffeting

As the blades of a traditional fan break the air before it reaches you, it causes buffeting, making the experience less pleasant. Since bladeless fans have no blades, there is no buffeting.

Elegant Look

If you want to add both air and aesthetics to your room, a bladeless fan can be a great choice. It looks elegant and blends perfectly with all the pieces of furniture.

Small Size

Bladeless fans are also smaller in size than ceiling or pedestal fans. They are therefore ideal for small apartments and rooms, where space is limited, and every square inch counts.

Air Multiplying Technology

As mentioned earlier, bladeless fans operate on air multiplying technology. With a brushless electric motor and nine asymmetrical blades affixed to a rotor, its frame is negligibly sloped at an angle that its curve creates more pressure.

When the air keeps on flowing, it rapidly entrains the surrounding air, which strengthens the airflow. It amplifies and multiplies the airflow by approximately 15 times more than a conventional fan.

Bladeless fans use air-multiplier technology to draw and multiply air, creating a calm ambiance. This type of fan is safe to use, easy to clean, and also saves you money on bills. Now that you are well informed about bladeless fans, go ahead and pick one that suits your budget and needs.