Service Apartment

For business and leisure travelers, serviced accommodations are the way for experiencing the best destination in the world. The tales of hotels are now the past, while the future lies in the accommodations, which puts guests first and delivers high-quality living spaces in order to match requirements. 

But when you are picking a service apartment, there are some things or features that you need to keep in your mind. Make sure you are ticking the features one by one before finalizing one. 

5 Things To Look For Before Booking A Service Apartment

As I have mentioned earlier, there are a variety of features within serviced apartments that you can enjoy. Here I will tell you about the five things that you need to look for before booking a service apartment for your next stay. 


At the time of planning your trip, the most important thing that you need to consider is the location of your service apartment. It is always advised to double-check the location because sometimes the location that is mentioned often does not turn out to be the one you thought. 

In case you are going on a business trip, make sure that you’ve checked the distance of the apartment from the intended place of business. So, being a traveler, you need to do your part of research and check how the transportation, nearby sites, and attractions are from the apartment.  

Orientation And Welcome Kit Or Packs

In the last few years, service apartments have emerged as a great alternative for businesses that have to station their employees in different cities on a project basis. These projects can stretch anywhere between one month to six. In such instances, investing in hotel stay for the entire duration can drain a business financially.

A good alternative is offered by establishments like the Heritage Collection. They offer excellently furnished service apartments that are a lot cheaper and make for greater financial sense. You end up enjoying nearly all of the benefits of expensive hotels, but at a fraction of the price.

Arrangements With Local Service Providers

One of the many aspects of the serviced apartment provider is this. As a traveler, you will always look for the best services in any traveling experience. Getting a swimming or gym membership, or some negotiated deals with the local restaurants are exactly what you need.

So, check for the deals that a serviced apartment is offering with it. Health and fitness are something that should be considered in the first place. So, check for the additional services that you are getting with the serviced apartment. 

Kitchen Equipment

In order to make the traveler feel at home, a serviced apartment should come with a fully equipped kitchen. Being a traveler, you may look for a fridge along with the necessary cooking appliances, like crockery, microwave oven, washing up facilities, and cutlery. 

So, before you are going to book a serviced apartment, make sure you are getting a fully equipped kitchen with all the necessary equipment so that you can feel at home. Only you are fully aware of your requirements, so check them and buy yourselves. 

Excellent Quality Mattresses

If you are a regular traveler, there is one thing that you should never compromise with, and that is a good night’s sleep. And for that, the key is some excellent quality bedding and mattresses. In a guest’s stay, it plays a major role.

Many previous travelers post negative reviews about luxurious serviced apartments because of the bad mattress and bedding, which were offered to them. This will lead to an uncomfortable stay with inadequate or comfortable sleep. 

Final Words

So, these are the features that you need to check before you are placing your booking for a serviced apartment on your next trip. If you have any other requirements, which seem pretty important to you, make sure you are checking for them as well. Do not forget to look at your budget as well. The money you are spending should do justice with your staying.