Forget old, bland radiators stuck behind sofas and hidden away behind radiator covers. The most forward-thinking interior designers are making their radiators the next hot design feature.

Now stylish as well as practical, we look at the best radiator designs for your home.

Electric Radiators

For absolute versatility, electric radiators are hard to beat. Without relying on your heating system, an electric radiator can be mounted wherever there is access to wiring or a plug. Electric radiators tend to be more slimline than their plumbed in counterparts, so can be great space-saving solutions.

Plus, you don’t have to wait for your boiler and a whole heating system to get going. Flip a switch and your heat is almost instant. An electric radiator also allows you to heat rooms individually. Just turn on the radiators in the main rooms you are using and save money by not heating spare rooms, formal dining rooms, and other rooms that are only used occasionally. Saving money and energy is a double bonus.

Vertical Radiators

The trendiest of trendsetters are taking their heating up a level with vertical radiators. Originally, radiators were designed as horizontal to sit under single glazed windows. With the normalisation of double glazing, radiators no longer have to fit these spaces and can now take centre stage. With designer radiator manufacturers, like the UK’s own Stelrad, now offering vertical radiators in a wider variety of styles, sizes, and colours, there is an option for every interior design.

Vertical or ladder radiators are a better space-saving option. Taking up one tall space leaves far more room on the rest of the wall for other furniture. They are super for hallways, bathrooms, and any other room where space is at a premium.

Heated Towel Rails

Long associated with luxury, a heated towel rail remains a hot choice for decadent bathroom design. As well as offering the ultimate in warm towel luxury, a heated towel rail has other benefits. It provides storage for towels and contributes to heating the bathroom. Also, by drying the towels quickly, a heated rail helps lower the amount of damp in the room, thereby reducing the chance of mould and mildew.

There is a wider range of heated towel rails available than ever before. Whether you prefer traditional floor standing rails, modern wall mounted rails, long towel rails for a big family, or smaller rails for an ensuite, there is a towel rail to suit your design and purpose.

A towel rail is easier to clean than a traditional plumbed radiator. No more scrambling to get behind the radiator and no more buying special radiator brushes to clear all the dust that gets caught inside. A simple wipe over and your heated towel rail is as good as new.

Coloured Radiators

As well as making a statement with orientation and design, you can also use colour to turn your radiator into a design feature. Designer radiators now come in a wide range of colours from popular grey and ultra-modern black to bright yellow and fiery red. If you love an interior design scheme where everything contributes, a coloured radiator is for you.

Also, the decorating trends of this year are leaning towards darker, cosier colours. The white, old-fashioned radiators of yesterday just don’t work with these more sumptuous colour palettes. It’s definitely time to turn up the heat on the radiator colour and design.