More people have started relying on self-storage facilities over the years. These services can be extremely convenient and affordable. Wouldn’t you prefer that your embarrassing high school yearbook photos are kept as far away as possible from the chuckles of your children? In the recent past, several factors have led to the elevated demand for self-storage. It is considered one of the most recession-resistant assets and an industry set to grow exponentially in the next few years. easyStorage Self Storage Kingston is no exception, and they have slowly grown to become part of an individual’s lifestyle.

Mordor intelligence research estimates that the valuation of the self-storage market is expected to grow to $115.62 billion in 2025, up from $87.65 billion in 2019. To understand why the cheap self-storage industry is growing at this pace, it is important to note the different factors that affect this growth. The way the entire system works is very similar to your smartphone. Assume that your smartphone represents your house; a cheap self-storage facility is akin to the iCloud storage or external storage card you purchase when your phone starts running out of space. At the same time, you can also use this external storage to store items that you do not require daily, reducing clutter. Many reasons contribute to the continued growth of the self-storage industry.

Growing urbanization

As cities grow and become hubs for economic and social activity, there is increased migration from the suburbs to city centres. However, rising rental and real estate prices mean that people are choosing to move into smaller houses or apartments. As a result, you are left with a whole lot of furniture which cannot be stored at your new place. As an alternative to selling the items for a paltry sum, you can invest in a cheap self-storage unit, which costs as little as £19 per week. With more and more families moving to cities and large towns, and the decreasing resale value of second-hand items, self-storage presents itself as the most viable solution.


During periods of economic recession, small businesses struggle to stay afloat. At such junctures, a cheap self-storage unit can act as a boon. One of the best ways to plug a loss-making business is to let go of expensive office space. But, where do you keep all the office equipment, computer systems, furniture, and d├ęcor? Rather than selling off these costly investments, storing them in a cheap self-storage unit in Kingston can save you a ton of money. The current economic slowdown resulting from the COVID pandemic has forced a lot of businesses to close down. With the economic after-effects expected to continue for a few years, temporarily using a self-storage unit is much more viable than paying high rents for office space.

Long-term travel

Increased globalization has reduced the imaginary barriers between different companies. With many companies having established a presence in multiple countries, it has become quite common for individuals to be sent abroad on long-term work projects. You can use cheap storage units in Kingston to avoid selling your items before you leave. This will help you avoid paying rental charges for space that you will not be living in for an extended period. Self-storage allows you the luxury of retaining all your precious items for a much more economical amount and reduces the hassle of buying brand-new furniture and upholstery when you move back.

Shift to online workspaces

The COVID -19 pandemic has resulted in many businesses shifting to an online mode of functioning. Government restrictions as well public health safety bulletins necessitate that there is minimal public gathering. One of the major avenues for the spread of the virus includes office spaces. Consequently, almost every single company has made the transition to operating through online platforms. It is not viable to continue paying an exorbitant amount of rental income for office spaces in this situation. Cheap storage units in Kingston can help store office furniture and systems for a much lower rate and help save thousands of pounds.

The self-storage industry is unlikely to be heavily affected by an economic recession. Rather, it can thrive in situations that negatively impact the rest of the economy. Kingston storage facilities can accommodate all your storage requirements and ensure that you enjoy the best service possible. They can help you tide over difficult financial situations and make the most of a flailing economy. Self-storage is a thriving service, and it’s here to stay.