Traditionally, the process of web development and applications has included a back-end team, front-end, and database specialists, which collaborate with complex technology to send the final product. But today, this trend dramatically shifts for multi-faceted professionals or Jacks from all trade in accordance with many roles. Thanks to this, full-stack developer requests have never been higher.

So what are the full stack developer skills that someone needs to succeed? Because flexibility is their expertise, full-stack developers are expected to have in-depth expertise about everything related to web development and applications. This includes the manufacture of user interfaces, coding, and manufacturing databases, editing images in Photoshop, adding animation, and a group of other vital functions.

That said, if you are still wondering why you should choose a full stack developer career, we give you five reasons.

1. Advantages of mastering a series of vital skills

To become a full-stack developer, you must be in harmony with coding-end and database technology, including programming languages, Ruby, Python, Nodej, and PHP, Web servers, such as Apache, and the MySODB, JSON, MongoDB, and SQL database management system.

In addition, you also have to be smart in front end engineering, use programming languages ​​and frameworks such as CSS, JavaScript, HTML5, Ajax, Angularjs, and JQuery, and understand the user interface dynamics (UX) and user experience (UX).

Comprehensive knowledge of each layer of the development process will position you as a top professional in the Global IT market. Being a full stack developer training allows you to understand the complete workflow of a project.

2. Various growth options

Only become the front end developer or rear programmer will narrow your growth potential. However, the full stack developer career will take you from the traditional, one-dimensional track, open the bouquet of opportunities. In addition, having full stack developer skills according to the demand will make you more adaptable to various web development ecosystems and applications, which will increase your chances of being employed with a favourable payment package (more about it).

3. Scope to be part of the project that changes the game

Regardless of whether you work for a large company or a newly formed startup, the employer will want to make you part of the projects important because of your broad spectrum of knowledge and expertise.

Plus, to become a full-stack developer, you can take full project responsibility and claim all credit for success. You need to update yourself constantly and give your best to get a prize. As the developer of the front or back, it is difficult to take all credit, but the full stack developer career allows it.

4. Increased employment opportunities

Diving into a full stack developer career opens the door for extraordinary growth opportunities. According to the United States Labor Statistics Bureau, in 2024, the availability of work in the development of a full-stack will increase from 135,000 to more than 853,000.

A full-stack developer career promises multi-dimensional opportunities, because full-stack developers are top-of-line engineers, have extraordinary skills to involve themselves with various aspects of development, at any stage of the process.

Simultaneously, the company, today, also choose one multi-developer than having many developers on the same project. Not only proven to have cost-effective but also reduce the speed of development. This is a significant supercharging demand for full-stack developers throughout the world.

5. Full stack developer salary that pays high

A Full-stack web stack developer is one of the highest-paid professionals at this time. And why not? They are looking for their unique abilities to solve problems from end to end without interruption in the development chain.

The full-stack development package depends on various factors. Even though the skills and experience of full-stack developers are the most important components that determine the salary structure of full-stack developers, many other elements can also affect the package. Common factors that have an impact on full-stack developer salaries include brand value and organizational size, geographical location, and demographics.

According to ZipRecruiter estimates, the developer of the full stack of entry-level in the United States received an average salary of $ 58,040 per year (in December 2019). The salary for full-stack developers at the middle level is $ 97,500 per year on average, while full-stack developers are experienced with attracting $ 116,504 per year.

After scanning 30,000 job advertisements over the past three years, search engines related to US-based work, indeed revealed that the average pay package of full-stack developers in the United States was $ 113,462 per year - higher than other locations.

Among European Union countries, the highest full stack developer salary in Denmark was attended by Sweden, England, Spain and Germany, according to Frank Pearson's salary survey.