Hair forms an integral part of our appearance. Different people prefer different types of hairstyles. Some people love hair, and some people just prefer the bald look. However, some folks genetically have lesser hair than the regular person. Some people also lose their hair faster and start going bald with age. So, hair transplant surgery is the solution to their grievances. Many people resort to this surgery for having hair back on their heads. To experience great results, many experts suggest getting a hair transplant in London.

The objective of hair transplant is to promote hair growth in the absent areas. Yes, you will come across many different procedures and treatments for treating hair loss. But a lot of times, the treatment doesn’t last forever, and there will always be future hair loss. So, most of the time people resort to hair transplant surgery for long-lasting and satisfying results.

Hair Transplant & Its Types

Through hair society, we come to know that there are about 21 million women and 35 million men suffering from alopecia globally. And about 650K of them are undergoing hair transplants every year. You can also resort to hair transplant NJ to get yours done today. There are many places to get hair transplants done in America. Hair transplant NJ is one of those areas too for the patients. Let us discuss some of the hair transplant types.

FUSS Or Follicular Unit Strip Surgery – In this surgery, the surgeon eliminates a strip of the skin present in the donor area. Then the surgeon closes the incision through stitches. After that, they proceed in using a microphone for separating the donor’s skin into small follicular units, which have one or multiple hair follicles. They tend to put these units in all the targeted places.

FUE Or Follicular Unit Extraction – Here, the surgeon tends to utilize a small punch tool for removing follicles present in the donor location. The patients will witness some scarring in this procedure. However, the scarring tends to be less noticeable, and the patient doesn’t usually need any stitches.

Does It Work?

You might not be aware of this, but hair transplant surgeries prove to be more effective than over-the-counter products for restoring hair. Transplanted hair between 10 to 80% tends to grow back completely after 3-4 months. You have to know that transplanted hair tends to thin out after some time like your normal hair. Patients having dormant hair follicles tend to have lesser effective transplants. Plasma therapy enables about 75% of the transplanted hair to completely grow back.

However, a hair transplant does not work for certain people. This surgery is for restoring hair for thinning and balding cases or loss of hair resulting from accidents. The majority of the time, the surgeon uses your natural hair for carrying out the hair transplant. In this way, it may not be effective for patients suffering from widespread balding and thinning, loss of hair from chemo, and thick scalp scars through injuries.

What Are Its Advantages?

Hair transplant surgery comes with an array of benefits. Some of these benefits include:

Natural Regrowth – One good thing about hair transplant is that it gives an upper hand to patients who dream of having a natural-looking hairline. The surgeon carries out the surgery by transplantation of hair from the donor toward the recipient. So, the hair texture and the appearance of the donor’s hair easily match your present hair.

Lesser Downtime – A great highlight about this surgery would be its lesser downtime. After the surgeon completes the surgery, you just need to rest for a couple of days. You won’t be staying bed-ridden for weeks and can easily go back to living your regular life. Resuming your daily activities won’t be a problem at all. However, it is advisable to consult your surgeon regarding your physical activities.

No Physical Baggage – To start, it is important to seek the right surgeon and clinic. With the right methods and surgeon, you won’t notice any pain or scarring after the surgery. Your scalp will remain as peaceful as it was before. The local anaesthesia in the surgery removes all the possible chances of pain during the surgery as well.

Saves Money – You may think that using over-the-counter hair products for restoring your scalp may be a cheaper choice. But the constant use of these products and regular maintenance ends up being costly. Purchasing these hair restoration products and constant maintenance will add up your cost in the long run. But hair transplantation is more of a long-lasting thing that doesn’t require frequent maintenance.

Final Thoughts!

Hair transplant surgery is a great option for folks suffering from hair loss or hair thinning. The surgery results aren’t permanent, but it is long-lasting and always bring a satisfactory outcome. It elevates the confidence of these people and compliments their self-esteem.