There’s a reason that Pune is referred to as a student city. It’s because tens of thousands of youngsters like you flock to the city to make their education dreams a reality. And if you’re about to follow in their footsteps and move to the city to attend one of the top schools in Pune. You’re buzzing with anticipation, and perhaps a little bit of anxiety too. There are just so many questions that you’re thinking about before the move. Where will you live? What will your roommate be like? What should you pack? Well, you don’t have to worry about all this anymore. We’ve got you covered.

Today we’re bringing you a list of things that you need to know before you start packing for hostel life in Pune. This involves asking yourself, your school advisor, warden or anyone else you know certain questions that will help you make the best judgements about what to pack for your time in the hostel. So, if you’re ready to start your journey on the right foot, let’s jump right in.

How much space will you have?

Compared to your childhood bedroom, the hostel or PG that you’ll be moving to is going to be a lot smaller. So, it doesn’t make sense to try and ship everything from your current room into your dorm. Find out the dimensions of your room (your school website or PG landlord should be able to provide you with the details) and plan to pack the items that will help you maximise the space. Instead of using carriers that take up a lot of floor space, it’ll probably make more sense to invest in storage items that can be stacked or attached to the walls instead.

What does your residence provide?

Depending on the hostel that you’ve chosen, the amount and kind of facilities that you’ll receive can differ. So, you need to know what exactly your residence will be providing. Will you have access to a microwave or a fridge? What is the washroom situation like? Is there a cleaning service or are you expected to do your own chores? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you plan what household essentials to pack.

What’s prohibited?

Some hostels have pretty clear rules about what you can’t have in your rooms, and these can range from fairly obvious items like alcohol or weapons to specifics like certain electronic appliances, string lights, or candles. Make sure you’re clear on the rules about what’s allowed so that you don’t end up packing unnecessary items that will ultimately get confiscated or put you in the bad books of your warden.

What’s your roommate bringing?

When you move to a hostel for the first time, chances are you won’t know your roommate. But why leave it till moving day to actually get to know them. Reaching out to a new roommate is possible now thanks to the marvels of social media and can be a great way to break the ice and also help you both coordinate on what to bring. When you’re sharing a room, there are certain things that you’ll end up using in common such as curtains, extension boards, doormats etc. Planning with your roommate beforehand will ensure that you don’t end up with duplicates of any items unnecessarily.

How are you travelling there?

When you’re thinking about how to pack for your move into one of the hostels in Pune, think about how you’re going to get there as well. Because if you’re planning to fly or hire a moving company, shipping a lot of stuff can get really expensive. It might make more sense to pack less and buy some essentials when you get to the city. On the other hand, if you’re planning to drive down, you can easily carry as many of your belongings as you want and need.

And there you have it. Keeping these questions (and their answers) in mind will help you streamline the process of packing for your Pune hostel. Remember that it’s best not to overthink it. Even if you end up packing some extra stuff, you can always store them until your next trip home, and if you forget to take something, you’ll probably be able to buy a replacement that’s not too expensive. Ensure that you prioritise your essentials while packing and keep these tips in mind, and you’ll have a stress free moving experience on D-Day.