Although there is no free higher education in America, some students still manage to get free higher education in this country.

Let's list the main options.

The main way to study for free in the USA on higher education programs is to find a suitable scholarship for international students or a grant for international students.

Another option to study in America for free is to find a sponsor. It can be any commercial company interested in an employee of a certain qualification, including your employer. Information about such sponsorship is posted on the websites of companies and universities. If you want to find funding in this way, look at universities, first of all, for applied programs that involve a significant number of hours of practice or long-term internships.

How to study for free in the USA, know and advise other students registered in the social network On this resource, students who cannot afford paid tuition have the opportunity to ask for financial assistance from users and, thus, organize themselves free study in the United States.

Free US universities and colleges

Free Tuition US Universities are institutions that award scholarships that fully cover the student's expenses. When looking for a scholarship, you should always pay attention to this point, because full scholarships are quite rare and difficult to obtain.

USNews lists 7 universities that offer the most assistance to international students:
  • Williams College
  • Amherst College
  • Trinity College (CT)
  • Stanford University
  • Harvard University
  • Duke University
  • Upper Iowa University
Note that, if you graduated from a law course, Upper Iowa University, for example, you need to apply to and pay the Iowa Bar Exam price to be licensed to practice in that state.

Universities and colleges offering education in the USA are not entirely free, but inexpensive

For a list of universities offering low-cost tuition in the United States, which may also offer scholarships and grants to international students, see here.

In addition, check out the annual ranking of American universities and colleges with the best program value based on USNews scholarships and grants.

How to enrol in a US university for free

It is important to remember that the process of admission to American universities also requires certain financial costs: fees for tests for proficiency in English, as well as for tests for admission to a master's degree, the main of which is GRE and for undergraduate tests - SAT and ACT.

All universities charge a fee of about $50 -140 for consideration of an application for training.

Universities and colleges issue scholarships only to those students who have already entered the program, which means they have passed and paid for all the procedures related to admission. The university first accepts a student for the program and then awards a scholarship. And the scholarship, as a rule, does not compensate for the amounts spent on tests and admission.

And yet, there are options for how to enrol in a US university for free in this case:

  • The sponsor will cover the costs.
  • A student who has received a scholarship to an accredited US university program at any level of study can also apply to participate in the Opportunity Funds program, created precisely to cover the costs of admission.
Free study in America is the dream of many students. It is difficult but feasible.