CBD Oil for Cats
Medical researchers are even exploring the possibility of using full-spectrum products for cats and dogs. Products like CBD oil for cats and CBD edibles are economical, safe, and effective in treating several health conditions. The therapeutic use of CBD for animals and humans is gaining popularity in the medical field.

Before choosing a CBD product for your cat, you may want to consult your vet first to decide the right product type and the correct dosage for your cat. While broad-spectrum and isolate products are safe for your cat, overdosing can cause severe issues and even fatality.

CBD Products Available for Cats

There is no FDA-approved dosage for CBD products for cats. The proper dosage would depend on the size of your cat, the age of your cat, and the body mass of your cat. There are several types of CBD products designed specifically for cats. You can choose between edibles, oils, lotions, creams, and even treats.

You can use the products to manage issues like seizures, diabetes, anxiety, depression, and pain. While there are dosing charts and dosing instructions available on the internet, it's highly recommended you consult an authorized vet before you start administering CBD medication to your cat.

Issues Associated With Overdosing

CBD products that are manufactured for cats do not usually contain THC. CBD edibles and oils available for cats contain cannabis in its purest form. Hemp-based CBD products are natural and safe. You may also want to avoid marijuana-based CBD products. The efficacy and legal status of marijuana-based products are still questionable.

Overdosing can lead to complications like decreased enzyme production, lung infections, and inflammation. Overdosing can also lead to liver dysfunction and cardiac issues in cats and dogs. You may note that no set dosage works for all cats.

The Right Dosage

There are two essential points to consider when deciding the correct dosage of CBD products for your cat:
  • The severity of the condition
  • The size and weight of the cat
Medical experts assert the dosage should not be more than 0.5mg per pound of your cat's weight. Experts also recommend avoiding administering doses more than two times a day. It is critical to check if your cat is allergic to CBD products and variants. The right dosage count would also depend on other factors like the brand of product you plan on using.

You may want to ensure that you buy from a reputed brand that uses only all-natural ingredients for their products. While full-spectrum CBD products may not harm your cat if administered in mild doses, it may be best to stick to broad-spectrum products and CBD isolates.

Suppose you plan on administering CBD oil for cats or edibles purely for nutritional supplementation or dietary requirements of your cat. In that case, it's recommended you start with 0.025 mg per pound of the cat's body weight. If your cat weighs 10 pounds, the safe dosage would be 0.25mg twice a day.

Speak to Your Vet

Not consulting your vet might end up being a big mistake. It would help if you also alerted your vet of any other medication your cat is on. An experienced vet will be able to assess your cat's condition, medication requirements, and appropriate dosage. Your vet will also help you identify the best brands selling CBD products for pets.