Emotions are every trader's enemy. It is difficult to keep calm when your decisions affect your money. Powerful Forex trading software takes human psychology out of the equation. Set the desired parameters and let the platform work on its own. It can allocate capital and manage positions even at night. But what software is best for you?

What is Automated Trading Software?

These complex terminals are built on algorithms. They check markets for necessary conditions and take predetermined action. If you trade stocks, the system can quickly screen the market for promising options. For instance, these could be shares whose prices have recently surpassed the 50-day MA.

In Forex, traders set automatic triggers like Stop Loss and Take Profit. Execution happens once these levels are reached. On the one hand, you never lose more than you can afford. On the other hand, if you make a profit, you know its size in advance.

Computers analyze financial markets with lightning speed. They never deviate from their strategies, either. Smart algorithms identify trend reversals. They execute trades instantly.

On the downside, these systems are far from universal. They work under particular conditions and still require solid planning. After all, the forces moving the market are impossible to program. Success rates also vary. Follow our tips to find a reliable system in 2021.

What Defines the Best Automated Software

It is not difficult to find an automated product. However, such platforms come in all shapes and sizes, so know exactly what to look for. First, evaluate your needs and goals. Would you like a narrowly focused or versatile environment? How many markets are you planning to engage?

1. Instruments and Markets

A shrewd investor looks beyond a single market or asset class. When one of their instruments brings a loss, the damage is neutralised by profits elsewhere. Diversified portfolios include currencies, stocks, and derivatives. Reliance on a single currency pair or stock always equals high risk.

Thus, ask yourself: does the system give access to all of my preferred markets? Some platforms are customized for a particular domain like Forex. Others are multimarket machines. For example, with MetaTrader 5 from Forextime, you gain access to currencies, stocks, CFDs, spot metals, etc.

2. Balanced Functional Interface

If you automate your Forex trading action, you have to keep an eye on it. The interface should not be overly confusing. Make sure it is fairly easy to navigate, so you can make adjustments on the fly.

3. Suitable Programming Language

Different platforms are built with the use of different languages. Do you need the industry standard type, or would you rather learn unique systems like MQL4? Some traders prefer to fine-tune the system by creating new algorithms themselves.

4. Wide Backtesting Opportunities

To backtest a strategy, you need a broad range of price charts with multiple time frames. Different methods apply to different segments, from 1 minute to 1 month. Make sure the choice is wide enough.

Best for Forex Overall: MetaTrader 4

When you trade Forex, you need software tailored to this market. Nothing beats MetaTrader 4 that can be integrated into almost any brokerage account. While the system is one of the oldest (it appeared in 2005), it is still the top choice for currency traders. MT4 is recommended by many brokers in South Africa and abroad.

The first strength is the unbeatable collection of features and tools. The system facilitates technical and fundamental analysis. You can backtest strategies using nine adjustable time frames and 30 unique indicators. There is easy access to the news, so you may also track fundamentals.

Secondly, MT4 supports copy trading. Choose a strategy manager, and the broker will connect your accounts. All actions taken by the expert are replicated with a portion of your funds. Meanwhile, you can sit back and monitor the progress.

Thirdly, the platform is famous for its default library of free Expert Advisors. Their purpose is to automate various operations. An EA (or Forex robot) may analyze the market on your behalf or take the full spectrum of trading actions. These pieces of software are also bought or rented on the official MetaTrader market. At the moment, there are over 1,700 items.

Finally, traders may create their own robots. Those who have strong programming skills build assistants using the native language of the system — MQL4. Subsequently, they may even sell their creations to peers.

Best Automated Trading Software

Today, you may find efficient automated software for different groups of assets. Currencies, CFDs, metals, stocks, options, and binary options may all be traded without active participation. Remember that while automation is convenient, it is not infallible. Any platform requires maintenance.