For too long, sportswear has been in the thrall of performance. Cyclists have sported outlandish helmets just for the sake of speed. Weightlifters have strolled around in loose-fitting vests purportedly for the range of movement they allow.

There has been a paucity of clothing and footwear that both serves an athletic purpose and looks good.

Athleisure has emerged to fill this void. Straddling the line between fashion and function, its emergence has given health-conscious consumers a middle ground between the two.

From trainers that no longer look out of place on the red carpet to flattering, streamlined tees with tasteful colour palettes, athleisure gives its wearers the best of both worlds.

If you’re still discovering your own personal style – cycling through different wardrobes in search of the perfect match – the blend of performance and comfort that athleisure apparel offers might be just right for you.

In this piece, we’ve identified three trending pieces that have caught our attention.

Nike technical fleece

Nike has long had a stranglehold on the sportswear market. When jogging became a phenomenon in the US in the 1980s, they were well placed to insert themselves into cultural relevancy with a range of clothing and trainers.

They’ve always created striking, comfortable and lightweight clothing that wouldn’t look out of place on the streets of any city in the UK.

The Nike tech fleece has become a staple of active, athletic people everywhere. You’re just as likely to see your favourite sportsperson strolling to their next game in one as your favourite rapper bounding onto the stage at a festival.

No other piece in this list more adeptly straddles the line between fashion and function.

It also helps that Nike tech fleeces are so comfortable. So, if you’re settled in at home or on your way to play five aside, you’re well prepared.

Lululemon leggings

With flattering contours, sweat-wicking fabric and a diverse range of colourways, Lululemon leggings are a must-have for anyone obsessed with exercise.

Part of their allure is longevity. Similar offerings from other sporty manufacturers fail to deliver the same kind of robustness. Lululemon leggings will retain the vibrancy of their colour for years and years. Similarly, they’re resistant to stretching in the wash.

Their main selling point however is how comfortable they are. Whether you’re travelling, working out or just lounging around the house, you’ll feel great.

Veilance FL line

Veilance is the brainchild of parent company Arcteryx. The Canadian techwear giants are a favourite of Frank Ocean, who recognised early that the technical focus of certain brands also makes for extremely comfortable and functional fashion.

Veilance is Arcteryx’s attempt to bring athleisure to the mainstream. While Arcteryx primarily focuses on clothing equipped to deal with the outdoors, Veilance has a sportier focus.

Their FL line – which stands for fast and light – caters for runners. Pairing performance-minded materials with minimalist design, their FL range of apparel is essential for runners. The style of the clothing is indebted to their other lines and they are also composed of incredibly light, waterproof materials that’ll give you an advantage in any weather conditions.