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Leggings have a lot of history in fashion. From being a piece of clothing believed to elicit unnecessary thoughts from men — to being a staple in the health and fitness industry, leggings have come a long way in the world of fashion.

While some may say leggings should be a thing of the past, these often find a way to prove the world wrong and come back with a bang. Will there be a time when it will go out of style?

Leggings: Yay or Nay?

Clothes often go out of style, but as long as one can do a proper pairing with ensembles and accessories that are in style, leggings can come out as a perfect complement to the overall look. Activewear brands such as Lululemon do a great job making leggings, tops, and sports clothes that are form-fitting yet stretchable.

Sometimes, it might be challenging to come up with the perfect pairing of top and leg coverings. You don’t want to look out of style anyway. Some ladies often surmise that because of its history. An outfit that includes leg coverings must be carefully thought out to ensure that it is age-appropriate.

Here are a few suggestions to help planning a fashionable wardrobe that includes leggings.

Leathers or Blacks

Undecided if to go for leather or black? 

Leathers are often better than ones that are pure black. The gloss often adds flair to your outfit and is easy to pair with other popular styles.

Long shirts or Dresses

Dress shirts or short dresses are an everyday staple that goes well with leggings. Some women also pair a short top with leggings and then add a long cardigan or jacket to the mix instead. It can be great to wear for both a night out of town and at the office. This combo often works for times when the air becomes chilly.

Pairing Made Easy!

There are a lot of choices that you can match your leggings with.

Short dresses, with or without sleeves, can be paired with leggings and high heels or flats.

Knee-length dress shirts will also go well with leggings, and boots, long or ankle ones, can make for an edgy look.

Some brands can cater to any size, but the size needs to be well thought out, so the outfit will look balanced and adequately proportioned.

Wear It Anywhere.

Despite its history, one can wear leggings anywhere as long as the outfit is tasteful. Yes, there might be a lot of suggested styles and outfits that can be found online or in magazines. What is important is feeling good, as well as looking great in an outfit, whatever the occasion is.

Even at home, leggings can be comfortable to wear. Comfort is critical with clothes worn at home, so donning whatever is available should not be a problem. Women might even say that wearing leggings at home makes them look and feel sexy.

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Fashion goes through a never-ending cycle of changes. What was in style years before may come out once in a while as a “must-have” for women. What makes you look great is, as long as you follow the basic rules of colours and sizes, nothing can stop you from looking and showing off your best!

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