As an aspiring photographer, you can digitally share your handiwork globally. However, the journey of becoming a versatile photographer can never be complete unless you print them. Printing photos lets you scrutinize the pictures, and ultimately helps in honing your skills. You may ask, “What is the big deal with printers”? Yeah, of course, any printers can provide printouts but they will lack the significant details.

For precision printing, it has to be the dedicated photo printers. The abundance of photo printers doesn’t make the selection criteria convenient. We decided to lend a helping hand and eventually reviewed many of these photo printers. Choose from the best photo printer and it should help you in re-discovering the second half of the photographic process accurately.

Epson Eco Tank ET-7750 photo printer

If you are looking for a hassle-free experience for photo printing, the ET-7750 is the printer for you. The relieving part, you no longer require bothering about cartridges. If it is the output that matters the most, and not the aesthetic looks, you will love this printer. It comes with a five-color refillable tank mechanism and the printouts are no less than mesmerizing.

Being a professional photographer, you will never run out of ink, as the printer includes ten bottles of them which are good to print as many as 3.500 pages or more. The display is a bit on the smaller side and it isn’t touchscreen, but that should not give you any trouble for reading. For added convenience, Epson includes an SD card slot. Being a multi-tasking device, apart from taking printouts, you can also scan and make photocopies.

You can’t stop admiring the crisp photo quality after the printouts. Furthermore, it also prints at a reasonable speed of 28ppm. Moreover, it promises to be a cost-effective option for bulk printing. On the flip side, the expensive price of the model will make it unaffordable for many and it is very heavy. If you are ready to break the bank, go for it.

HP Envy 6055

When talking about printers, it is indeed difficult to ignore the brand HP. As an aspiring photographer, looking to explore the finer details of your clicks on paper, you will appreciate its price. Of course, if you compare to the outputs of the other printers, Envy 6055 will do a more or less decent job. It might falter on few occasions to reveal the details, but overall it will do its job well.

You will miss the Ethernet and USB ports, but that is acceptable considering its low price. Then again, you have to deal with cartridges, and for high-quality printouts, you might have to go for replacements. The ones that come with the printer are light on ink. The HP smart app can be a very handy feature. You can take printouts via the app.

We loved its fast printing ability and its minimalistic design. Black and white prints may not be as good as you want them to be. However, we reiterate, at such an economical price, you cannot possibly get any other photo printers.

 Epson XP-7100

The XP-7100 is another entry-level photo printer designed for exceptional photo prints. You can use the auto-duplexing automatic document feeder (ADF) for multiple purposes like copying, scanning, and printing. Like the ET-7750 the XP-7100 also has five inks which is one of the sole factors for printing high-quality photo prints.

The 4.3” touchscreen makes navigation super-easy. Furthermore, it comes with a dedicated SD card slot, Ethernet, and inbuilt Wi-Fi. The printing speed is slower than the previous Epson printer we reviewed, and it is 11ppm for color pages. Nevertheless, the 30-page ADF makes printing in bulk a cakewalk.  Epson also offers the Creative Print App that lets you create collages, custom cards, or print from your favorite social media accounts.

The cost of running can be a matter of concern, as it is on the higher side. On the other hand, we would have loved to see the paper capacity to be more. The said features make it lag, as some of its cheaper competitors outperform it in these departments. Still, considering its versatility, it is worth keeping your wish list.

Canon PIXMA iX6850

The PIXMA iX6850 has been a huge hit for all the right reasons. Firstly, it is an inkjet printer and is cheaper than the laser counterparts, secondly, at present, it is one of the finest A3 printers that comes at an affordable price. You can conveniently connect the printer via Wi-Fi or from Ethernet and it also supports cloud printing. When it comes to printing photos, it does an incredible job.

Though the printer is incapable of printing both sides of a page, its other features make it up for the drawback. Well, you are free to use any paper sizes which make it very flexible when you require printing large photos. Appearance-wise it is rather pleasing to the eyes. The compact printer will ideally fit in any place you desire. Another noteworthy feature of the printer worth mentioning is it is very quiet during taking prints.

As for the drawbacks, the lack of duplex printing is surely a disappointment. It also doesn’t come with a LED screen which is common these days in printers. Lastly, you cannot take printouts via a USB or memory cards.

Canon IP8720

Canon IP8720 takes a step ahead and uses six inks that deliver borderless prints. It efficiently supersizes the photo prints and offers 13 by 19 inches prints. One of the latest introductions is its grey-ink that helps to print detailed black and white photo printouts. You can also utilize the USB port, along with Wi-Fi. Furthermore, the app from Canon will let you print from the cloud as well. The Canon IP8720 is portable and can fit anywhere in your home and office with the utmost ease.

Although you will miss the LCD/LED screen or the multi-tasking options like copying and scanning, it dedicates itself to photo printing. Thus, if you are a fan of all-in-one printers, you should stay away from the Canon IP8720.

The printer supports a single paper tray that offers a 150-sheet capacity. Simultaneously, it does miss out on the add-on features that are common in modern printers. However, no other printers can give it a run for its money when it comes to printing high-quality photo prints. For serious photographers, Canon IP8720 is surely the best printer on the market.

Canon Pixma Pro-100

Our last printer in this review, the Canon Pixma Pro-100 is yet another surprisingly good printer for photographers. It uses a whopping eight ink cartridges. Apart from the conventional six inks, it uses a grey and light grey cartridge. It offers the additional convenience of replacing the cyan tank when you have specific cyan-related printing jobs.

The printer additionally utilizes an OIG system that is smart enough to analyze specific areas and provide an accurate ink mixture for precision printing. It also lets you print in the 13” by 19” size for large-sized photo prints. Another notable feature worth mentioning is the Airprint that efficiently enhances Wi-Fi printing.

Canon Pixma Pro-100 is your best choice for both wired and wireless printing. We were however surprised looking at its limited warranty, which is only one year. Some users also report the low-page yield. Yet, for photo prints, the Pro-100 is surely one of the best in the business.