From personal relationships to business success, effective communication is the key to strengthening relations and increasing the likelihood of success. When internal communications within your business fall short, you can expect all kinds of issues to arise. Including issues with employee retention, poor customer satisfaction and even problems with productivity.

So, with this in mind, let’s explore some simple tips that will enhance communications throughout your business.

Update your procurement process

Sourcing your component parts and materials from reputable suppliers is what keeps your supply chain and your production line moving. When you start your search, ensure you’re using a BOM tool to source the parts you need quickly and to improve communications across your business, your supply chain and more. This simple, yet effective piece of software not only helps you locate the right components via reputable vendors, but once your order is complete, you’ll be able to download and share your process with others within the company, ensuring that everyone knows what has been ordered and when to expect it, preventing duplication of other orders.

Get feedback

In business, if you don’t ask, you don’t get. This also applies to internal communications within your business - by asking employees directly their opinions on how communicative your business is, what you can do to improve and what you’d like from them you’ll get a better insight into how things are currently working and where things can be improved. This simple approach can pave the way for better relations between management and employees, reducing mistakes, increasing productivity, and establishing a healthier working environment.

Have all the right tools in place

Many businesses are experiencing a working from home revolution and it’s here to stay. Communications between your business and your remote teams are essential, not just from a production and productivity perspective, but also in terms of communicating your company’s core values and brand to those who haven’t experienced it first-hand.

Utilising business tools such as Slack, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams can help keep employees connected, no matter where they are in the world. Instant responses derived from chat-based software can increase productivity, help remote workers feel included and improve company culture overall.

Have a smart open-door policy

An open-door policy within your business allows your employees to speak up and feel confident in sharing their issues, concerns and even personal problems whenever they need to. However, as positive as this can be for your levels of communication, it tends to harm productivity. It’s a difficult balance to get right, which is why a smarter approach to an open-door policy is recommended.

Instead of having employees approach you or management whenever they wish, set aside time in your weekly calendar that is specifically intended for open-door conversations, 121s or just general check-ins with employees. This keeps everyone motivated, feeling appreciated and keeps your production lines moving.

Final thoughts…

Improving the levels of communication between you and your employees doesn’t have to be complicated. The implementation of software and creating an inclusive, open environment can help your employees feel appreciated and taken care of. The better your levels of communication, the bigger the difference in employee retention, revenue and productivity.