Nellie’s father

Just after the interview finishes to air on Saturday night, Nellie’s father disputes AKA’s version of what transpired. Since Anele’s demise, a lot has been going on with rumours surfacing that seems to be blaming AKA for what happened. Last week Mac G read an email from an anonymous person claiming to b Anele’s relative.

The email mentioned a lot of things that surely made AKA the bad man. Like it is not enough the relative asked the Police to investigate AKA as he was the cause. As a result, AKA decides to do an interview which gives his side of the story. Unfortunately, the Tembe family is not agreeing with Keirnan’s side of the story. Nellie’s father says AKA was never denied an opportunity to read his message on the day of the funeral but he never asked.

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During the interview, AKA does not address allegations of drug abuse and refuses to disclose all facts. This leaves people with not more questions with his fans thinking the interview was not a good idea at all.

Kiernan mentions that he is in a state of grief and sadness. He emphasizes how much he loved the deceased. Prior to Nellie’s death, the couple argued and AKA decided to remove himself from the situation so that things could calm then they would fix their issues. Although why they were fighting is not really disclosed, the problem was bad to the extent that Anele threw her engagement ring at AKA.

According to AKA, he went to the bathroom for some air and when he returned Nellie was not in the room. He went to the balcony and when he saw this disturbing scene he started screaming and lost his mind.

AKA also rubbishes claims that he is an abuser. Instead, the rapper claims his aim was to make the love of his life happy each day. The public seems to be confused with AKA’s story and here are some conclusions from the public.