Rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes finally decided to speak out on The Thembekile Talk with Thembekile Mrototo on Saturday evening.

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Theory of brutality in AKA and Nelli‘s relationship started to twirl after video film of an episode between them was released seven days prior.

Two recordings of a similar episode were spilled. News24 provided details regarding one form showing AKA getting through an entryway behind which Nelli was covering up. Screengrabs seeing him getting all through circulated around the web. Watch the video as he answers all questions below… More than a month since the passing of Anele Tembe her fiance, AKA, has spoken exclusively with BarLeader about allegations that he abused her during the relationship. He's also spoken about what happened on the day she died at a Cape Town hotel. This is the full interview. 

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