1. Your company name/nickname

Your username is not only a significant part of your business profile, it will mainly be used to search for your Business on Instagram. Make sure your name is recognizable and catchy.

2. Make your profile public.

Your goal is to reach as many people as possible. Make it easy for them!

3. Full name of your company.

Be sure to add the full company name to the "name" section in the settings. It will appear under your profile photo and in the search engine hints.

4. Add links to your bio.

Adding a link to the profile description section will easily take Instagram users straight to your website.

5. Location

When people see beautiful photos, they often want to know where they are being taken.

6. Recognition

Try to make the photos you upload recognizable and interesting. The more users recognize your Business, the greater the chance of increasing your profile followers.

7. Customize your posts

Don't forget to add filters, tags, links, and hashtags to your published photos.

8. Use high-quality photos

Nobody likes seeing low-quality photos (blurry, unclear).

9. Integration with observers (call-to-action).

If you want your followers to take action (e.g., enter a contest), you must inform them! Don't forget to include links in your post that your followers should enter.

How to use Instagram Stories?

In August 2016, Instagram introduced a new feature similar to Snapchat's "My Story". The Instagram version of "Your Story" allows you to insert short videos or photos that will be displayed for the next twenty-four hours. While traditional posts are reserved for contact with followers, in "Your Story," you can provide a brief statement of what you are currently doing or what inspired you.

Stories are always displayed at the top of the main Instagram page, while posts are below.

Traditional posts can be liked and commented on, while stories can only be viewed. It is not known how many users like this medium. The story is meant to provide you with quick, unofficial snapshots of your company's activities. In traditional Instagram, the content is more subtle. As an entrepreneur, however, you should focus on creating high-quality traditional posts, use the relationship for fast, not essential content.

How to use hashtags?

Hashtags as a proven way to increase the reach of your posts

Correct use of hashtags is essential to achieving your goals. They can help bring followers closer to your perspective about the content you post.

The importance of brand identity goes hand in hand with a hashtag created for your Business. Many companies use their brand as a

hashtag. You can also use your name to describe the products you tag with hashtags.

When you develop a hashtag for your brand, you need to remember its uniqueness, but it cannot be too general and related to other companies. A good example is Nike; they do not use #shoes, only #nike, because #shoes refer to many other brands.

When you create your unique hashtag, you can follow its development by answering important questions such as:

  • Is the hashtag gaining popularity?
  • Do your followers use a hashtag?
  • Does this hashtag attract followers?
The Iconosquare search engine allows you to see how many times your hashtag has been used. It gives you an idea of ​​how popular your hashtag is.

You can even compare your hashtags with the most popular ones in the "Top Tags on Instagram" list. You have the option to download data about any hashtags - about the number of posts per day, likes, comments, followers, locations, etc. All this is to optimize your profile even better.

How to quickly gain followers through Instagram contests

Use contests to expand your reach.

Whether you're looking for support to promote a new project or a lot of attention, contests are by far the best way to get attention. Involvement in this venture will increase the reach and interest in your product among this community.

Of all the types of contests you could create on Instagram, nothing encourages people to engage in a contest with your products more than UGC (User Generated Content) - creating reach through your followers who drive the contest.

Asking consumers in your contest content increases the emotional bond between them and your brand. In addition, by running a photo or film competition, you generate honest and authentic marketing content created by your consumers. This helps increase your reach and allows you to reach beyond your followers because when Instagram users post their posts, their followers can see them.

Below are the 10 elements needed to create a successive contest that brings new followers:

1. Plan objectives: duration, budget, goals, and patterns.

2. Create a method for joining the contest.

3. Find the perfect hashtag.

4. Specify the subject of the competition.

5. Determine how the winners will be selected.

6. Think about how the prize will be awarded (make sure it does not have unnecessary legal consequences).

7. Create the contest rules.

8. Configure the landing page.

9. Promote and take care of the reach of your competition.

10. Monitor the course of the event.

What has changed on Instagram in 2016?

Importance for entrepreneurs

2016 brought many changes, many new features, and tools to the world of Instagram. Introducing the "Your Story" feature on Instagram to changing algorithms in new third-party applications such as Boomerang. The vast array of changes left page builders with many questions about what these changes are for and what they bring to their Instagram activity.

In the same year, the Instagram team introduced three main changes and a new Instagram platform for Business, which we will deal with in the text below:


Instagram now has a second type of content publishing that presents its followers with quick stories. This feature competes directly with Snapchat. What does this mean for web developers? There are currently two types of posts that you should use to promote your Instagram page. Regular posts have traditional functions and look.

On the other hand, an Instagram report allows you to publish a photo taken "quickly". The content of Relationships disappears twenty-four hours after publication, which means they don't have to be always perfect. Play with both and let the community follow your website fully follow your Businessbusiness's development.

Instagram algorithm change

Previously, the Instagram homepage displayed the posts in chronological order; the person who recently posted some content was at the top of the board. Since 2016, the Instagram team has designed a new algorithm. Now shows users the content that this script says users are most likely to want to see based on previous searches and browsing history.

Entrepreneurs, followers who engage with your company see your content at the top of the page, and people who are not involved in your Business are forced to scroll the page. Try to keep the posts you publish grab the attention of new people. Do this, too, especially when you see a decline in interest in your website.

Video / Boomerang

Until 2016, the posted video on Instagram had a time limit of 15 seconds. Now the video has a larger limit, lengthened to 60 seconds. Increasing the maximum video time now requires content in the first few seconds of the video to tempt the user to stick with it for longer. You can see how it all works by publishing different kinds of videos. Remember that the sixty-second limit doesn't mean that all of it has to be used up. Website users like comfortable, undemanding content. Keep these tips when you implement video posting on your site.

You can also use the social media management software

How to use the Instagram Business Tool

While other social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, have had website promotion tools for years, Instagram has just started with its business profiles and launched applications to support their creation. Previously, company profiles were just plain profiles, and the Facebook business platform made Instagram ads. You can also use social media management software to schedule your posts for getting a better experience.

Creating your Instagram page is no longer available. You can create your page directly via Instagram (linked to the company page on Facebook). You will observe the current statistics relating to your followers and posts; the application also allows you to create paid ads.

Your business profile

The Instagram for Business tool enables you to turn your regular Instagram profile into a branding website. The profile allows you to identify your website as real easily and allows you to stay in touch with your followers. In addition, the site allows you to use tools such as Insights and other promotional tools that make the life of the trader easier.


Before 2016, entrepreneurs only had access to statistics and information about observers offered by other applications. Thanks to the introduction of Insights, it has also been possible to inform about the number of views, the reach of your posts, and the activity under your publications. This information is invaluable to you as an entrepreneur as it helps you adjust your Instagram business strategy.


Your main goal on Instagram should be to create interesting and compelling content, but how about increasing your reach beyond your followers? Previously, you could advertise your Instagram posts with the help of the Facebook business platform. Now you can promote and advertise your posts with Instagram for Business.

Instagram label

Regardless of the regulations of various social networks, there will always be people who will criticize your work or make inappropriate comments.

Reply to positive comments on your posts if users ask questions or reply to any conversation you started in the comments section. The best way is to check the answers periodically, for example, weekly, especially if they are contests or temporary events.

You can use the Iconosquare comment tool.

It allows you to split comments into reading \ unread or moderate inappropriate responses. A good solution is to answer positive comments and questions from the application level; you do not have to use Instagram on your phone every time.

Integrate with followers and interesting in the life of your company. Take the time to like and reply to comments/posts related to your Business.


Instagram is a growing platform that allows you to promote your company, recruit future employees, showcase your products, and expand your brand interest. All with photos you can create and share!

Create a profile, showcase your company's culture with highly functional Instagram tools. Remember the tips in this guide. Try and learn new things.