close-up of a vending machine
close-up of a vending machine

Do you remember those large black boxes, half-stacked with candies, caffeinated drinks, and food bars?

Vending machines in Miami have moved beyond sugary, caffeine-inducing services. Through their dispensing solutions, they have started aligning society’s growing needs. These include health-focused food supplies, cashless payment, and reversible vending systems.

The aftermath of COVID-19 makes these changes more significant. You need to understand their benefits and learn how to use them to grow your business and satisfy your community.

Here is a closer look at the vending machine trends:

1. Stay Healthy Vending Machines

Stay Vending machines in Miami have hopped on the wellness bandwagon. They have ditched sugary and carbonated food items for health-focused offerings. These include nuts, seeds, protein bars, healthy drinks, and gluten-free snacks. You also have access to various options that you can tailor to personal preferences.

If you want to take a non-conventional route, you can seek inspiration from Singaporean vending machines. The East has transformed the vending machine into a ‘chef-in-the-box’ serving tasty treats. These include chili crabs, pizza, freshly baked desserts, salad bowls, etc.

Plus, no queues around these mini food stations seem attractive to hungry consumers.

2. Sanitize-First Vending Machines

The pandemic has pushed self-service machines into the limelight. An innovative introduction to non-traditional vending items includes face masks, sanitizers, and gloves. These machines dispense PPE equipment on the go to pedestrians and visitors. These unmanned sanitization chambers are standard now in healthcare facilities, retail stores, hotels, and commercial spaces.

Business owners consider them convenient reminders for people to stay safe when they step outside. They are also beneficial for people who might forget to wear protective gear.

3. Cashless & Secure Payment Systems

The vending industry has also discarded its money-collecting systems. It has swapped bills and coins with credit cards and intelligent apps. These advanced vending machines accept online payments via online services. That means you don’t have to dig into your pockets to look for loose change if you want to grab a bite.

These tech-based solutions lead to the following:
  • Higher security through authentication systems
  • Minimum risks of security breaches
  • Optimized services
Cashless payment systems and mobile-integrated options eliminate the need to touch vending machines. This is a bonus for crowded centres where social distancing becomes a priority.

4. Reverse Vending Machines (RVM)

According to a recent report, the reverse vending machine market would be worth US$685.1 million in the next five years. It’s not surprising to consider how these eco-conscious machines collected over 40 billion cans and bottles during their initial years.

The US made a significant contribution to the total. By boosting promotion and wellness advertisements, we can improve performance and minimize plastic wastage.

Why do these machines work?

If you want to engage in more eco-conscious initiatives in the community, reverse vending machines are the way to go. With their assistance, you don’t have to run a door-to-door waste collection campaign or place dull, colour-coded collection cans on the sidewalks. These reverse vending machines persuade people to walk in and drop their waste products whenever they want.

Installing these machines next to their food-filled counterparts can increase participation.
Top Benefits of Vending Machines in the Post-Pandemic World
A man standing in front of a vending machine
A man looking at vending machines

These vending machines are compatible with the current landscape. You can install it on your premises to provide several solutions to the workforce and clients visiting the area. That way, people can use these self-service machines to receive nutritious treats and sanitation supplies while maintaining distance.

Here are the main advantages of these trends:

Minimum Interaction

Whether located in offices, schools, or other public places, contactless vending machines limit interaction. This reduces the chances of contact in high-traffic areas, making it easier for people to safely access healthy snacks, beverages, and other items.

24/7 Operation

Do you need a meal during your night shift? Want to grab a bite on the go before an early flight?

People visiting (or working) in hospitals, hotels, and airports make a beeline for cafeterias and canteens when hunger pangs strike.

Unfortunately, pandemic protocols have limited operational hours for food courts, cafeterias, and on-site food outlets. Vending machines stocked with protein bars, healthy snacks, and instant coffee become convenient substitutes for such situations.

Budget-Friendly Investment

In comparison to traditional options, advanced equipment cuts costs and maintenance fees. It does not need on-site staff and overhead charges like catering service providers. You can collaborate with a credible vendor to get vending machines in Miami that fit your budget.

Plus, you can satisfy your workforce and visitors with new vending machine trends by serving hot meals and specialty items.

Make the most of these benefits by indoors adding a contact-free food dispenser (or eco-friendly reversible vending machine). This device can improve customer satisfaction, increase team efficiency, and promote wellness in your community.

It’s a Wrap

Vending machines in Miami have evolved enough to become an interactive element for your customers and employees.

These days, the vending machine industry has adapted according to individual needs. It fulfills wellness, health, and sanitation requirements by leveraging cutting-edge technological solutions. These aspects of vending systems can pave the way for vending machines 2.0.

These new-age machines facilitate touchless interactions that serve a meaningful purpose in different service areas.

Have you ever spotted these vending machines in Miami? Comment and share your opinion about these fascinating trends.