Are you thinking of studying abroad for higher studies? If yes, you need to know certain Visa norms to help you make your higher studies possible without any issues. You have to plan ways to enable you to achieve your goals effectively. There are specific common questions that often arise in people's minds. 

You must know the visa norms in other countries to get the correct informationthem. Before you plan to visit to do your studies in the different countries of the world, you just need to know the visa procedure in their nation.   

Common Visa Questions Students Need To Know 

To know the visa norms of the other countries of the USA, you need to understand their immigration law properly. Let’s explore the facts one after the other to better understand them.    

1. Where Do You Start? 

You can only apply for a student visa if you are accepted to the course in that country from where you want to complete your advanced studies. You have to abide by the immigration law in that country if you’re going to make your career there.   

Several factors can determine whether you will receive the student visa or not like:- 

  • The citizenship of the country where you are living now. 
  • The destination of the country.
  • The course that you wish to study. 
  • The academic institution where you wish to study. 
  • Different ways you plan to fund your study. 

2. Where Do You Need To Apply For A Student Visa? 

You can apply for a student visa in your own country. You must submit your application paper and biometric information to the application center. If you require a US student Visa, you have to attend the embassy’s interview or consulate to get the Visa. 

3. What Type Of Student Visa Do You Need? 

If you want to study abroad for your post-16 education, you will require a general student Visa. If you’re going to learn in the USA, then it is known as the F-1 visa. For other countries, a different kind of terminology may be involved in student visa acceptance. 

4. How Much Money Do You Need?   

You must have enough funds to bear the cost of studying abroad, and in some countries like the USA, you must have proof of assets to meet the cost of the 1st year of study and the living expenses. You must also have evidence of funds to cover the remaining years of study in the USA. 

5. How Good Must Be Your English Be? 

You must understand English well if you wish to make your career abroad. These are some fundamental facts you need to take care of while making your career abroad. Your English speaking and writing skills must be excellent. 

6. Can Your Family Travel With You?   

Yes, your family can travel with you because they have to meet the Visa requirements of that country. In countries like the USA, you will have to prove that you are dependent, and your parents will also have to apply for a visa to travel with you. 

7. Can You Work ON your Visa? 

Generally, you can work 20 hours per week on your Student Visa. You can only start your work when your course in the country has commenced. The same rule applies tto your dependents who have traveled with you abroad. 

8. Are Governments Trying It Harder For International Students 

Today, many countries are putting restrictions on making international students study abroad. This is because global institutions need to maintain the education norms. 

9. How Long Can You Stay?    

You can stay abroad for a student visa for a short time frame or due to the duration of your course. It can hardly be extended from 60 days to 4 months as per your course extension time requirement. 

10. Where You Can Find More Information   

You can get more information from various government and other sites. You must understand one thing if you want more information to study abroad. You must thoroughly do your research. 


Hence, these are some crucial questions you must know about the student visa law in various countries. Ensure you take advantage of all points while reading this article, as it will provide the complete guidance you require for your visa registration.

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