Strand woven bamboo flooring is a type of bamboo floor that is known to be extremely strong. To make this exquisite flooring, manufacturers usually compress bamboo fibres before adding a fitting system. Once they add a fitting system, they then sand the planks and add protective layers of lacquer. In recent years, the popularity of this marvellous flooring has witnessed a significant rise. Here are some of the reasons why.


Strand woven bamboo floors are pretty durable. This is because these floors are usually designed to last for generations. It is worth noting that this flooring is twice as hard as Oak flooring. In the past, many avoided bamboo floors since they could quickly develop warps. However, since this flooring hit the market, the perception that bamboo floors can’t last for long has changed.


A house’s floor dramatically impacts how the interior of the house will look. If you’d like to have an appealing interior, you should install strand woven bamboo flooring. By choosing to install this flooring, you can easily decorate your house’s interior, given that strand woven flooring goes well with various wall colours.

Easy to Maintain

Wooden floors are usually quite challenging to maintain. Many homeowners generally resolve to have their homes’ wooden floors removed due to this fact. If you choose to install strand woven flooring, you need not worry about having to constantly seek help to maintain it given that it is pretty easy to maintain. So long as you don’t use water excessively while cleaning your strand woven bamboo floor, or appliances such as steam mops and vacuum cleaners, you can easily maintain it.


Everyone has to take care of the environment. People take care of their environments differently. Some people plant trees, while some people run garbage collection centres—some even fund conservation efforts. By installing strand woven bamboo flooring, you’d also be taking care of the environment as you’ll be making use of an eco-friendly product. Unlike hardwood trees used to make solid wood floors, bamboo trees mature quite quickly. Given that bamboo trees are self-regenerating, it’s safe to say that strand woven bamboo floors are an eco-friendly alternative to solid wood floors.


If you’re searching for flooring that can be professionally installed in your house's various rooms, strand woven bamboo flooring is the right flooring for you. The only places in a home where strand woven bamboo floorings shouldn’t be installed are constantly wet areas such as the kitchen and the bathroom. This being the case, it’s safe to say that this flooring is quite versatile.


In the past, many homeowners looking for floors to install used to complain about the high prices high-quality floorings were sold at. However, nowadays, such cries are a thing of the past as strand woven floorings are relatively pocket-friendly. As this is the case, if you’re searching for high-quality and relatively cost-effective floorings, you should consider getting strand woven bamboo floors.