With having the right radar installed how you are going to manage your marine or boat in the waters? Well, without knowing what activities are taking place around you, you won’t be able to decide which direction would be best for you. So it is quite obviously having the right equipment installed on your boat/marine will help you in taking decisions wisely. People have been complaining about Garmin radar that they have been facing different issues after installing them.

Issues reported by the people after installing Garmin marine radar

1. Radar service lost

The first problem that has been reported by the Garmin radar users that without giving any warning the radar stops working. First, it starts sending blur images of the water to the chart plotter, and then eventually it stops working. Once the radar stops working you will only get a notification of service lost.

There has not been reported any problem with the Chartplotter because it won’t stop working but the radar stops working. Most of these problems have been reported by the people who upgraded their radar system with GMS 18HD.

2. Chartplotter gets disconnected

Once the Chartplotter gets disconnected from the radar system you won’t be able to do anything at the spot. Sometimes the Garmin radar stops working but there has been reported a problem that the Chartplotter gets disconnected with the radar. You won’t be able to receive any more images of the sea on it. The Chartplotter simply doesn’t recognize the radar on it.

3. Autopilot stop working

This problem has literally made the people suffer because when we go out to take a ride on a boat we try to enjoy the journey by leaving the system to autopilot. It has been reported that the autopilot stopped working without any reason. So you have to take care of the ride until you reach a safe space.

4. No clear images

Once the radar and Chartplotter don’t get connected, one of them stops working you will start getting blue images or no images of the sea.

5. GPS won’t work

If you try to use the autopilot feature for your marine/boat then the GPS will stop working. You will have to choose one between the autopilot mode and GPS. Both of them are quite important when you are in the water so it has been creating chaos among the boat/marine drivers that how they are going to manage this situation.

Problems you might face if your radar system, autopilot won’t work

1. Problem in decision making

It is not about a fun ride in the waters anymore. Issues that we have discussed above Garmin marine radar can cause serious harm to your marine/boat. You will not have any idea about the sea that what type of activities are taking place around you. Everything depends on the technology that you installed in it. The radar system helps you to take decisions wisely and the autopilot will help you to relax a little bit from being on the deck all the time.

2. Take the wrong turn

If your Chartplotter stops working then you are not going to get any clear image of the sea. What if you are being underwater in your marine and the situation is already pretty tough then how you are going to manage such a situation? One wrong move will literally do great damage to you, your marine, and the people in it. Only the images on the Chartplotter you get will help you to decide your next move. It has been reported that sometimes Garmin marine radar stops working or sometimes the Chartplotter doesn’t recognize the radar on it. Both of the situations are not in your favour.

Solution for the Garmin marine products

People have been trying to fix the Garmin marine radar, Chartplotter, and autopilot problems by themselves. Some of the Garmin products have these built-in issues. If your autopilot stops working then you need to try to swing the flux compass manually. It might start working. Plus there is not another reason why your autopilot is not working because your GPS is working at the same time. Yes, it has been noticed that if your Garmin 1040xs plotter GPS is working then the autopilot won’t work. While setting the flux compass manually it might work or else the autopilot is not going to get connected with the GPS and work on its own.

There is another solution if your Chartplotter is not working at the moment. You need to turn on the simulator mode. But once you on the simulator mode the GPS will stop working. So either you can use the GPS or Chartplotter in simulator mode.

Many solutions about the Garmin radar, Chartplotter, and autopilot have been discussed by the people who installed them. The Marine Tech people can help you with problems by upgrading your radar system with new and right marine equipment. Whether it needs a software update or the whole system needs to get replaced with a new one the technicians will tell you and help you.


If you have already upgraded your marine Garmin radar recently and it has been causing problems from then it means you are also facing the same problems that other people have already reported. You can get a little help from the professional technician from Marine Tech.