Drug Crimes
In Sydney, drug possession charges alone carry a penalty of up to two years in prison and a hefty amount in fine. Whether it is a drug supply or usage charge, Sydney courts take such offenses very seriously.

However, experienced Sydney drug lawyers work tirelessly to help dismiss the cases and avoid criminal records even in situations where you wish to plead guilty. But to avoid getting involved in a drug crime unknowingly, you should understand what comes under drug crimes in Sydney.

Drug Use

According to the NSW Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act, 1985, prohibited drugs and prohibited plants in Sydney and the rest of New South Wales include cannabis, ecstasy, amphetamines, opiates, and cocaine.

From using heroin to smoking marijuana, consumption of drugs in Sydney in whatever way it may be is a violation of the law. If you are found in a compromising position while using an illegal substance and have been reprimanded for it, there are high chances you will be facing drug use charges.

However, the authorities arrest only those who admit the drug usage during the confrontation. Even if you show signs of drug usage, the police have to prove that you did it. Despite you carrying the drugs, the officer should either get the confession out of you or show blood test reports to prove you guilty. In such situations, expert Sydney drug lawyers are the ones who will help prove that you are not guilty.

Drug Trafficking and Supply

In case you are found with large quantities of the drug in your possession, the court may charge you with drug trafficking instead of just possession. In Sydney and other parts of New South Wales, this offense can lead to life imprisonment along with a penalty of 5500 units.

The charges for trafficking in Sydney vary depending on the type of drug and the amount of drug you possess.

Drug Possession

Another crime that comes under drug charges in Sydney is drug possession. It comes under Section 10 of the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act. This section says that if you own an illegal substance or drug in any part of New South Wales, you will be considered guilty of drug crime.

The possession charges in Sydney carry a penalty of twenty penalty units, in which each penalty unit calls for a $110 fine. Other penalties include community service, correction order, suspended sentence, home detention, and more.

It is the court that decides the charges and penalties to impose. So, if you are facing such charges, reach out to any Sydney drug lawyers to help deal with the issue.

Driving Under the Influence of Drugs

According to the Road Transport Act, 2013, it is an offense to drive with ecstasy or THC present in the driver's urine, blood, or saliva. Driving with cocaine and morphine is considered an offense, but they will not be detected with a saliva swab.

The authorities test drivers for drug usage with the help of Mobile Drug Testing tools initially. If you are found after consuming a prohibited drug in Sydney, you will face paying significant fines, disqualification from driving for a certain period, and even imprisonment.

Even though the Sydney and NSW government are considering changing parts of the drug possession laws, it is always better to observe the laws about drugs in the city.