products to promote
Promoting your own business can be done in many different ways and with many different products. Nowadays both online and offline advertisements are widely used and the largest companies use both ways of communication. If you want to promote your business, physical paper products are ideal because they are generally not that expensive and you can easily hand them out. For example, you can print posters, business cards or menus. You then print your design on the product.

Menu cards for your reopening

The power of a menu is often underestimated. Therefore, not only make a clear overview of your dishes, but also pay attention to shapes, colors and styles. Many people first look at the menu before making a reservation. With the right menu you give a good impression, you create a piece of experience in advance and you can attract guests to you.

Do you have a hospitality business and want to reopen after the lockdown? Then think about getting menu cards printed. You can print menu cards (translation: menukaarten drukken) in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You can't think of anything else that can be done with menu cards. At Drukbedrijf you can choose from a fold, zigzag fold or hatch fold. If you want to be sustainable they have those options too, they even offer hemp paper.

Tips for a perfect menu card

With small adjustments, more turnover can be generated. That should be reason enough to take a closer look at your menu. We are happy to give a number of tips for a good menu, such as:
  • - Clarity
  • - Readability
  • - A limited number of dishes
  • - A description of the dishes
  • - A neat and clean menu
  • - A design and appearance that match your corporate identity
  • - A piece of experience
  • - A menu that suits your target group
  • - A digital menu

These tips are very effective for a menu that appeals to your target group. By keeping the number of dishes limited, you prevent choice stress. In addition, everything must be clear and legible so that your guests have a clear idea of ​​what and what they choose. With the description of the dishes and the right appearance, your guests can already taste a bit of atmosphere. Especially in these times it is extra important to be active online and to make your menu available digitally.

Wedding menu with navy blue and gold

Are you looking for a menu that stands out or matches your color combination with blue? Then go for this navy blue wedding menu with photos. This menu fits very well with a white background, with a calm combination of colors or if you have some blue accents as decoration. It is extra nice to add your own photo, because this makes your wedding menu very personal. You can combine this menu with navy blue and gold with soft pink, burgundy or mint green, among other things.

Subtle wedding menus with soft tones

Have you chosen a beach theme for your wedding, or are you looking for a subtle menu with soft tones? Then this menu with blue watercolor, gold-look accents and white is really something for your dinner. The menu is not too striking, but it can steal the show again on a dark background. In addition, this wedding menu can be combined well with colors such as yellow, light pink and peach. On the back is a subtle starfish in gold look, but you can also replace it with a different figure, or a nice text such as Eat, drink and be married.

Be more creative than your competitors

You want to stand out and therefore not use exactly the same products as your competitors to show or give to your customers. Look at folding cards, these are large folders that you can conveniently fold into pocket size. The cards can be given to any customer and when the customer unfolds the card, there is more information on it than he had thought! For example, print a map of the city on it, clearly indicating where your business is located!

Always a guaranteed success: flyers

You regularly come into contact with flyers, whether this is on the street or if they arrive in your letterbox. If you look at the flyer it will be no more than 3 seconds. Only when you are attracted by something on the flyer will you look longer. But how do you get that done? What makes a flyer stand out? Recently I designed a flyer for an enthusiastic customer. During this process, it became clear how important it is to design a flyer in the right way. That is why I would like to give you five tips about aspects that make a flyer successful.

A product that always scores well: flyers. Flyers are always successful with customers and everyone picks up a flyer. But how do you stand out? Then you need to order static foil on the flyers, or order metallic flyers (translation: flyers bestellen). Flyers have become so commonplace that with the right company you can have them delivered as early as tomorrow!

With these three great tips, you can promote your business so well that no one can ignore your business anymore. If the weather allows it, the people will come flooding in!