The Viper Wire Rope Lubricator manufacturing team helps to develop and grow the worldwide sales of the product which is a simple, safe, and efficient lubrication system. The distributors who successfully and actively market and sell the ViperWRL to the customers in their own areas as part of the wider Global Viper WRL USA distribution team have sold more than 800 units in the past 10 years.

What is The Viper MK II Wire Rope Lubricator?

It is a tool to provide effective and fast lubrication and cleaning of wire ropes. Wire rope from 6mm to 165 mm in diameter may be greased at a speed of 2000 meters per hour.

High-strength cast aluminium collars are light in weight and have carry handles so that the Viper WRL is easy to install and operate.

Financial Benefits Of Using The Viper WRL

  • Enhances the wire rope assets life by 300 per cent vs manual methods of lubrication.
  • Lowers time of re-lubrication from several days to hours of wire ropes compared to manual lubrication.

Safety, Health, And Environmental Advantages Of The Viper WRL

  • All the applied grease moves to the wire rope.
  • There is no leakage of the grease, which means there is no mess.
  • No wastage of lubricant
  • Due to lightweight, there is an efficient and safe application
  • There is no direct human contact with the lubricant
  • Wire ropes may be lubricated from a safe distance.

Viper Maxi MK II - effective and fast lubrication of wire ropes with a diameter between 50 mm to 165 mm. The Viper WRL II Maxi lubricates ropes at a speed of 2000 meters per hour. It increases the life of wire ropes by up to 300% as compared to manual lubrication. It reduces the relubrication time of ropes from several days to several hours. It provides a safe work environment. It has environmental benefits with less use of lubricant and no lubricant discarded. The Viper Wire Rope lubricator provides moisture displacement, grease penetration, and total coverage by pushing lubricant into the core of the rope.

The Viper Maxi Kit Inclusions

The Viper WRL is supplied as a complete package, with all the necessary components to get you started. You just have to order the kit and then choose and order the scrapers and seals to suit the rope size to be lubricated.

  • Viper Maxi MK II High Strength, Cast Aluminium Collar- It is constructed from high-strength aluminium alloy, precision machined to tight specifications. The collar is made with stainless steel hardware to offer maximum durability and protection from corrosion. It can lubricate ropes up to 165 mm. The unit is designed for easy use with handles located on each half of the collar.
  • Choice of two pumps - true comp options are there. The standard unit works 4.5 kg per minute, the optional high volume unit gives 13 kg per minute for fast publication of large diameter ropes for reduced downtime. Both palms are supplied in 190 kg drum size. For ropes larger than 85mm Viper recommends the use of a high flow pump. 
  • Twin lubricant inlets - it is available to complete with twin lubricant inlets that offer maximum lubricant coverage for big wire ropes. This is coupled with a high-volume grease pump to ensure effective lubrication. 
  • Air regulator/moisture trap with gauge and isolation valve


The Viper WRL was developed with safety and keeping the environment in mind. If used correctly it has a lot of safety, health, and environmental benefits.