As a business owner, you will always want to know how to show appreciation for your staff. This is particularly true in the current situation with people having to adapt to working from home, which has resulted in many people actually putting in more hours without additional pay. So, what are a few ways to show appreciation for staff while working from home?

Time Off

One of the best and most appreciated ways to show appreciation is simply with additional time off. Many people enjoy their work and take pride in it, but they also will find it stressful particularly in times like these. Having extra time off can make a huge difference to their morale and wellbeing, which could even boost their performance when they return so it is often a win-win.


Similarly, a bonus is something that will always go down well. Giving staff a bonus for their hard work and ability to adapt to the situation will certainly help to lift spirits and could be useful in a time where many are worried about their finances.

Flowers & Chocolate

When in doubt, you can never go wrong with flowers and chocolate as a way to show appreciation. Receiving colourful flowers and a box of nice chocolates can really make someone’s day and particularly in times like these where people often feel shut off from the world.

Takeaway Voucher

Often when you want to say thanks to someone, taking them out for lunch or dinner is a good option. This is obviously hard in the current situation (although things are improving), so a good alternative is to give them a takeaway voucher that they can spend as they wish. Food is always a great way to show appreciation and a voucher is sure to be warmly received by staff.

Team (Virtual) Parties

If you want to say thanks to the entire team then a virtual party is a good way of doing this. To make this extra special, you could even send a gift hamper to each employee so that they have food and drink to enjoy courtesy of the company at the party. You can then have quizzes and games to keep everyone entertained and to show your thanks.

Hopefully, this will give you a few ideas for ways to show appreciation for your staff during this challenging time and while people are still working from home. These ideas could put a spring in their step, boost morale, strengthen relationships and even improve their performance.