Synthetic urine can be the most brilliant way to pass any drug test. Several organizations run drug tests to check if the people associated with it are addicted or not. For professional sportspeople as well, this testing is one of the most critical ones. A negative test report allows them to perform without any restrictions.

On the other hand, a positive test report can ruin the entire career of the athlete or sportsman. Therefore, synthetic urine is a practical choice if you are not sure about your negative drug test reports.

While plenty of synthetic urine varieties are available in the market, one should know the proper ways to use these. Especially for the UPass synthetic urine, one must keep certain aspects in mind for the best results. Read more to learn about the essentials you need to be aware of before using UPass synthetic urine.

What Is UPass Synthetic Urine

Suppose you were with your friends, drinking alcohol, or smoking weeds the earlier night. If you have to clear a drug test the next day, UPass synthetic urine can ensure a negative test report. It is a basic urine test kit that makes passing the test hassle-free. Here is what you have to do before commencing the test to ensure a negative test report with this kit.

  • Place it at the location where the test is supposed to be held
  • Heat the urine up to body temperature and use the air-activated heat pads to keep it warm and start the test

Composition of UPass Synthetic Urine

What makes UPass synthetic urine one of the best varieties in the market is its composition. The ingredients present inside the urine signify its quality and simulative accuracy. Here are the elements that UPass synthetic urine comes made of.

  • Creatinine
  • Perfect specific gravity levels
  • Urea
  • Realistic colour and odour
  • Accurate pH levels
Therefore, distinguishing this synthetic urine from real human urine is next to impossible. Hence, it can qualify as your sample urine for any drug test.

Things To Keep In Mind While Using UPass Synthetic Urine

However, the chances of failure always loom large if you would not take the necessary precautions. Here is a list of things you should keep in mind to ensure a negative report every time.

Follow The Instruction

Reading the instructions printed on the packet is essential. Even though the entire process of using synthetic urine seems easy and elementary, not paying attention to the instruction details can be taxing at times.

If you have not read the instruction word by word and missed heating the urine up to the right temperature, the tester will doubt the sample immediately. If you would allow suspicions to grow around you, you might have to undergo the same test all over again.

Use Branded Products

When it comes to synthetic urine, one should rely on the best brands. Be it the chemical composition or the overall quality, the branded fake urine like UPass synthetic urine always offers the best results.

Store in Dark and Cold Place

As you can understand, synthetic urine is a chemically composed product. Hence, it requires a certain temperature and environment to stay unaltered. You need to keep your UPass synthetic urine in a dark place, away from direct sunlight.

Even the slightest change in the chemical composition of the synthetic urine can be declarative of its falsehood. Reheating or overheating the synthetic urine can also change its chemical composition, turning it into something different from real urine.

Synthetic urine can be useful for getting negative drug test reports as long as you use it accurately. Choose the best quality synthetic urine to pass all the drug tests you go through.