Synthetic Urine
Synthetic urine, the term may sound weird to many, but yes, fake urine is an actual thing. With an increase in workplace positivity and growing trends of drug testing, employees have evolved their cheating methods with the use of synthetic urine.

Synthetic urine is made up of creatine, chemicals, yellow coloring, and sometimes even uric acid to mimic urine characteristics. Traditionally, people used fake urine to test the impact of urine on various products, including mattresses, cleaning agents, and diapers. Besides, they use fake urine for scientific experiments, alternative medicine, and drug testing. If you are also looking for the right place to buy fake urine, read on.

Does it Work for a Drug Test?

When you take cannabis regularly, the last thing you want is to get it detected through your urine in a drug test. This test is not just a problem for regular smokers but even for first-time smokers. Tests can detect weed in the system for up to eight days. Although it's not easy to give an exact length of time, the test will still detect it.

Anyhow, drug testing will be more of a problem for regular smokers as the possibility of testing positive will be high. We completely understand your concerns as there are many unreliable products in the markets, and by using them, you can fail in a drug test.

In recent times, synthetic urine was not so authentic and could only be used for pranks, sexual fetish, or to repel animals. Due to the simplicity of their formation, laboratories were quick to spot them. This is why people did not use it in drug testing for fear of being detected.

Nowadays, fake urine comprises all the necessary elements like uric acid and creatine so that no one can detect it. Saying that, if you opt for the right brand, which is legit, synthetic urine can actually do wonders for you and save you from the drug test.

Obviously, it is the most effective and fastest way to pass a urine test. However, there is some skill and risk involved. This is because you will have to smuggle synthetic urine into your test.

Where Can I Find Synthetic Urine?

With so many options to buy synthetic urine from, choosing one can become overwhelming. Interested buyers should know the proper usage of fake pee and be well-acquainted with the best places to buy it. It is also better to read the usage and reliability of this product on some other websites. Here are some of the recommendations from where you can buy synthetic urine.

Go Contemporary - Buy Online

Just as you buy other things online, an online store will be perfect to buy fake pee too. You can receive your products straight at your door through online deliveries. The good part is that many reputed and reliable brands are selling fake pee online.

We recommend it to buy online as online shopping is quick and discreet. Moreover, you can also read reviews of many past buyers, which will help you make a wise choice. You can also get money back on some products if the liquid does not pass the test.

Opt for Head Shops

Some novelty stores like smoker's stores, hubbly bubbly shops, and other local businesses might have synthetic urine in stock. This option is not ideal as you will not have enough information about the product.

Try Your Luck at a Smoke Shop

If you aren't able to get synthetic urine from anywhere else, try a smoke shop. Although gas stations and smoke shops mostly sell obscure fake urine brands, you can gamble on it in case of no other option.

Have Your Buddy Ship it to You

If you are not sure about purchasing fake pee yourself or cannot find a store near you, ask your buddy to pick from a local store and ship it to you. But make sure that your buddy doesn't mail it to the wrong address.

Bottom Line

Talking about drugs, we are happy that there is some solution available for the dreaded drug testing. Along with the U.S., many other workplaces have started drug testing as a common and mandatory practice. Although you have some other options to save you from drug testing, such as detoxing and chugging water, using synthetic urine is certainly the best choice.

Synthetic urine is reliable most of the time if used properly, but we would also like to tell you that it is not 100% accurate every time. For the sake of reliability, it is essential that you buy only high-end brands and ensure that your sample is warm when you hand it over for testing. Also, ordering it alone is the best way to deliver it quickly and in a discreet manner. We hope this helped!