The coffee roasting trend

ground coffee

There is no question but there is a high degree of snobbishness among coffee drinkers.

While the average price of coffee beans is around 8 to 9 dollars, there is a substantial percentage of coffee drinkers that spend anywhere from $60 up to $160 to $600 per pound for Kopi Luwak coffee, affectionately known as Toddy cat poop coffee because the Palm Civet also called the Toddy Cat, eats the cherry beans and then excretes them out.

Supposedly this makes great coffee but doesn’t encourage Fluffy or Mister Whiskers to eat cherry beans to produce your morning brew. Check out to learn more

The point is that that there are over 2,000 coffee roasters in the United States, In fact, there are coffee roasting supply companies that suggest its possible for even amateurs to make as much as $5,000 a week, or roughly $260,000 per year by roasting and selling coffee for as little an investment as $1500.

Ground roast coffee may be one the richest Gold Rush business of the 2020s. Because people love good coffee and are willing to spend money on it. Just a plain old cup of coffee at Starbucks will run you more than $2 including tax.

Coffee pods

On the other hand, there is s much more reasonable way to enjoy a decent cup of coffee, and it's called a coffee pod.

The first thing to notice about coffee pods is that they are notably cheaper. It's possible to by coffee pods from Amazon for as low as 29 cents per coffee pod. Even flavored coffee pods such as Caramel Macchiato are only a few cents more.

A pound of coffee beans will typically make 48 cups, so if you are paying $20 for a pound of coffee beans, a cup will typically cost you 41 cents per cup.

If you buy coffee pods at 31 cents each, you'll obviously save money by buying coffee pods.

Another factor is waste. You get the same amount of coffee, 6 ounces every single time when you use coffee pods, while many people, brewing coffee from coffee beans, make far too much coffee and wind up throwing perhaps 25 percent of it away.

Is coffee from coffee pods easier to make

Most definitely. The vast amount of difference is in the grinding process. Coffee from beans must be ground down in a coffee grinder. In addition, traditional methods such as a french press take 2 to 4 minutes. with attention need to be paid to each step of the coffee-making process.

With a coffee pod and an automatic coffee machine, you simply pour the water in, add the coffee pod and as the TV commercials use to say, "set it and forget."

You may not get your coffee that much quicker, but that's a few minutes you can concentrate on something else like scrambling some eggs or cooking bacon.

Is the coffee that much better with roasted beans than coffee pods

Of course, that's the million-dollar question, and we'd have to say it depends.

Coffee, immediately after it's roasted makes the best coffee. But many coffees, after they have been roasted, sit in a bag for one to two weeks before they are sold.

Coffee made for coffee pods is immediately ground and then sealed for freshness. Therefore, there is a strong argument that ounce by ounce, coffee made from a coffee pod may indeed be fresher than coffee made from ground coffee.

Of course, the coffee may vary, and the beans and blend used to roast the beans may be of superior quality. But discounting the bean quality, the coffee in coffee pods is every bit as fresh if not fresher than a pound of coffee you buy from a local roaster.

Are there other advantages to coffee pods?

The answer is definitely yes. For one thing, as stated earlier, there is no excess.

YOu won't have to throw away a half pot of coffee at the end of the day.

In addition, coffee making with ground coffee can be messy. With an automatic coffee machine and coffee pods, there is rarely any mess.

In addition, coffee pods stay fresh longer. Although there may be a best-used freshness indicator on the package, coffee pods will typically last from 8 months to a year.

Another thing is the consistency of taste. If you make 6 different cups of coffee with coffee pods over 6 days, they will taste exactly the same.

On the other hand, the taste of a cup of ground coffee will vary rapidly depending on what procedures the coffee maker used to produce a cup.