Coffee Beans

Does your day start with brewing your favorite coffee pod and sipping on it while scrolling to your day-to-list? That means coffee is essential to your survival. Thus, knowing about the beans which give it the best flavor and aroma is vital. If your coffee beans are not good or of low quality, they will never brew a delicious cup of coffee.

Therefore at West Berkshire Roastery can learn the difference between the four main types of coffee beans. Also, below we will explore a few tips on how to buy the best coffee beans.

Four types of coffee beans

1. Coffea Arabica

The most popular coffee bean in the world is Coffea Arabica. It accounts for more than 60% of the entire coffee production globally. It is a bit sweet and aromatic in taste, which is popular.
  • The per cent of caffeine in Arabica is approximately 1.2%.
  • They are the most delicate coffee beans, and extreme weather conditions can impact this with ease.
  • They are smaller in size and can grow only up to 2.5m.
  • Arabica beans require steady rainfall and shade.
  • Arabica plants are also susceptible to diseases, and if one plant goes bad, every other plant in proximity goes bad too.
  • Arabica beans with high quality have intricate flavours, aromas, and less acidity.

2. Coffea Liberica

Liberica is one coffee bean variety that is hard to find these days. In the past, the significance of Liberica coffee was high. Now, not many brands use it for their coffee blends.
  • The per cent of the caffeine content in Liberica is around 0.8-1.5%
  • The beans are large and asymmetrical
  • Liberica beans have an irregular shape, which is a unique feature of this bean
  • Its aroma and taste are unique. It has a floral, fruity, and smoky taste, which makes it a bit different.

3. Coffea Robusta

The second most popular coffee type has over 40% hold in the market.
  • It has high caffeine content, almost double of Arabica.
  • The Coffea Robusta plant is highly resistant to harsh weather. It does require humid weather.
  • Due to its high caffeine content, it is resistant to diseases.
  • It is low in acidity and smooth texture. If you buy Robusta coffee, which is a rubbery taste, it is low-quality Robusta beans.
  • It is perfect for coffee that uses cream or sugar, like Vietnamese coffee.

4. Excelsa

Recently, it was re-categorized to the Coffea liberica family. However, many experts believe it to be from different species.
  • It grows only in Southeast Asia and contributes to only 7% of world coffee production
  • It doesn’t produce a blend of its own. However, the harvester uses it with other coffee beans to enhance the flavor.
  • Its unique taste appeals to coffee lovers globally.
  • Tips to choose the best coffee beans for you
  • Determine what types of beans you like

Before you go out to buy whole beans or coffee pods, you need to know whether you like the taste of Arabica or Robusta coffee. These are the two coffee beans available commercially, and your coffee pod or beans uses these two only.

Also, never go on the technicality of the beans. If you are not an expert on beans, you should focus on the taste or the bean that meets your preference.

Know the caffeine quantity you need in your coffee

We all are different, and some of us like strong coffee and others are a bit sweeter. So, when looking for beans, you need to keep this factor in mind. The color of the beans has no relation to their caffeine content.

Robusta coffee has more caffeine as it is heat-resistant. So, if you like sweeter coffee, go for Arabica. Otherwise, Robusta is perfect for you.

Coffee maker

What type of coffee maker have you also impacted the coffee beans you will be buying? A single-serve coffee maker uses different beans than a French Press.

Check the roast date

Before you fill your shelf with coffee beans, check for the roast date. It will give you an idea about how fresh the coffee beans are.

Grind your beans

If you get coffee beans, get only whole beans. Grind them at home or ask the roaster to grind and then give you. It will keep it fresher, and your coffee will taste exceptional.

Blended VS Single origin

Single-origin coffee means that the beans come from the same region or country. The specifics include the climate and even the farm.

Blended ones mean that a farmer used two or three beans from a different region. Both have their flavors, and you should buy one as per your taste.

Next time you are buying beans, be sure to use this information to your advantage.