There was a time in the past when mostly in the eyes of digitally savvy critics, voice messages were an old and inconvenient relic of the 80’s demonstrating embarrassing conventions that dated repulsed millennials and baby boomers. However, soon the smartphone became a ubiquitous accessory that gave mankind the gift of texting or voice messaging which was a far more efficient form of communication.

Way back in the year 2011, a Chinese brand named WeChat first showcased the ability to receive or send audio clips. Soon China as well as the whole world embraced the feature wholeheartedly. In the year 2013, Facebook also came up with the ability to send voice messages in its standalone Messenger application.

Like many other additions of the company, this add-on feature was also met with a wholehearted and lukewarm acknowledgment. The overall benefits of this are never-ending. But, before we progress further, we would know what voice messaging is and how it simplifies email management. Read on to know more.

What Does Voice Messaging Mean?

In simple words voice messaging can be termed as an instant communication technology that helps a user to transmit messages via voice media. It is an alternative to text messages and audio calls. It stores messages in the form of voice mails and furthermore, it can be easily accessed with the help of a smart device. Mostly, it makes use of AMIS or Audio Messaging Interchange Specifications or VoIP.

It can also lead to improved customer service or even reach a large segment of the market. Furthermore, it can be used to establish communication either with a single contact or with a group. Audio messages undoubtedly allow much more expressiveness than text messages. 

How Can Voice Message Simplify Email Management?

Voice messages simplify everyday communication by letting you easily manage all your messages via a phone or a laptop. This basically means that you would be spending less time managing and retrieving all your messages directly from different sources. This sort of unified communication form helps you retrieve and access all sorts of messages via different interfaces such as phone, computer, etc. With Unified messaging, you can choose your way to communicate.

In case you are planning to join any voice collaboration software, you can try using Echo. Echo is a voice messaging application that is perfectly designed for remotely located teams. It is a perfect fit between typing or jumping on a quick call. This application enables you to easily click and hold to record messages to channels or teammates. The Echo app further helps you to listen to responses as soon as they arrive or you can even catch up later in the message history. Moreover, it offers the best of both worlds with message history, built-in speech recognition, and listening to receipts enabling you to quickly communicate with your team and stay aligned no matter if you are working in your city or in the other part of the world.