Data handling and management are essential for every company, which is why you need the best and most reliable companies handling our data. For safety reasons, always choose a company with a decent reputation for providing excellent big data consultations.

Besides, you always want to choose big data developers with a long track record of excellence in data management. So, let’s check out some essential considerations before entrusting any big data developer with your data analysis initiative.

Key considerations when choosing big data developers

Before you start collaborating with any data developer, here are the things to check.
Location and competition

Always consider the number of competitors and the location of the company before you choose them as your data developers. Western companies often go through a lot of competition to land the best clients. So, your company might be in better shape to seek less competitive alternatives in other locations. You can always find companies in Eastern Europe that provide the same quality of service as American and European companies. Moreover, some of the Eastern European big data developers are subsidiaries of top US-based companies.

Workforce and technology

When working with large amounts of data, you need experts with experience in various modern technologies and excellent coding skills. Therefore, focus your search on data developers with a considerable workforce. At the same time, confirm the number of certified data scientists on the company’s roster. And most importantly, go through a complete audit of the company’s tech stack. Always prioritize cloud services over traditional legacy systems because they are more reliable, secure, and flexible.

Portfolio of projects

Don’t rely on instincts when hiring a big data developer. Go through the company’s portfolio to ensure that they have the required experience in working with big data. Also, go through the portfolio to find the reviews from their clients. Any big data company should have a portfolio with comprehensive reviews.

Business needs

Instead of choosing the first name that appears on the list, spend some time evaluating the company’s goals to determine if they align with your core philosophy. At the same time, confirm their scale and ability to handle actual massive projects. You can also confirm that their experts have the right tools to measure the core KPIs that affect your business’s objectives.

Cloud experience

In the modern era, every company must focus on cloud-based solutions. When looking for a big data developer, consider only companies that use cloud architecture to handle their operations. The reason for this reliance on cloud services is the high level of safety and remote access to data when compared to legacy alternatives.

Proven track record

When working with any big data developer, ensure that they have a proven track record. If possible, work with only companies that focus their operations on big data primarily. And choose only highly-recommended companies with massive experience in machine learning and data science.

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