Foot Pain
Foot pain is a common complication that anyone can suffer from. This complication occurs when parts of your foot get damaged or injured. According to research, your foot contains about thirty-three joints and hundreds of tissue and tendons that hold everything together. When these foot components are damaged or destroyed, you can get foot pain. Pain is the most occurring symptom of foot disorders. However, you can also suffer from numbness, inflammation, and leg weakness due to foot pain. Since foot pain can affect your way of working, it is essential to seek medical treatment. For the best treatment and pain management for foot pain in Naperville, visit American Foot & Ankle Specialists, LTD for a consultation. Below are the primary causes of foot pain.

The Primary Causes of Foot Pain

There are many things that can make you suffer from foot pain. Some complications can result from the upper leg and distribute pain to the foot. However, the foot can incur its own complications, which are largely brought on by accidents. Some of the foot complications that result in pain include:
  • Dislocation. Dislocation is a prevalent condition that can occur in your foot. Falling from a high place, stepping on a slippery floor, and engaging in sports are some of the things that cause dislocation. When your foot joints get dislocated, bones increase stress to the tissues and tendons around them. Once the tissues are compressed, they cause foot pain.
  • Fractures. Fractures are also common, and they are caused by severe accidents. Once your foot bones are fractured, they cause a lot of pain in the foot. Moreover, during the fracture, nerves may tear out due to the impact around the joint bone. Damaged nerves also result in foot pain.
  • Diseases. There are several diseases that affect joints, tendons, and nerves. These diseases include arthritis and diabetes. Once you have diabetes, high sugar content in the blood damages nerves. Arthritis affects tendons in the joints, causing them to get inflamed. When you have damaged nerves and inflamed tendons, you are likely to suffer from foot pain.
Since it is hard to know the cause of foot pain by only observing, your doctor will take you through a diagnosis procedure. The below paragraph shows ways foot pain is diagnosed.

Diagnosis of Foot Pain

There are several ways your doctor may diagnose foot pain. They include:
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This technique uses magnetic fields and computer technology to generate a picture of the affected area. The image generated shows the affected joint bones, tissues, tendons, or nerves.
  • X-ray. Scanning the affected area of the foot using x-rays generates a picture. The picture shows only the dislocated or fractured joint bones. It is hard to notice damaged tissues, nerves, and tendons using an x-ray.
Foot pain is a treatable condition that your doctor can manage. However, depending on its severity, a specialist may be required to handle the situation. American Foot & Ankle Specialists are professional doctors you can consult for your foot pain treatment.