Pain Relief Care

Whether acute or chronic, pain can take a toll on one's overall health and wellness, for instance, by affecting mobility. At Pain Relief Center LA, highly-skilled chiropractor, Dr. Thomas Marinaro, DC, works with the massage therapist's expert medical team to ensure patients stay physically healthy and active. Whether you are only seeking a relaxing massage to restore your spirit or require an extensive tissue massage to address the underlying cause of pain, the specialist will develop a customized treatment plan for you. Achieve lasting pain relief with a massage therapist in Fairfax District by calling Pain Relief Center LA or booking an appointment online.

What Is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy utilizes soft tissue exploitation and other innovative techniques to offer lasting relief from pain and tension. The skilled massage therapist at Pain Relief Center LA provides various massage therapies meant to enhance holistic health and wellness. Different therapies will use varying pressure levels and muscle strokes to reduce this tension and soothe any sore muscles.

Undoubtedly, massage therapy is a safe and effective method for relaxing one's entire body and enhancing mobility function. Massage therapy also works in addressing chronic pain resulting from injures or other hidden medical concerns.

What Are the Massage Therapy Options Available?

The expert medical team at Pain Relief Center LA is quite knowledgeable and experienced in performing various massage therapies to meet the patient’s unique needs and goals. The recommended option will vary based on one's health and the extent of pain. Some of the available options include:

· Swedish Massage

The Swedish massage technique utilizes kneading movements, gentle pressure, and low, continuous muscle strokes to release any knots and enhance blood flow. This form of massage is most suitable for those seeking relaxation.

· Therapeutic Massage

In Therapeutic massage, a specialist utilizes techniques like those of Swedish style. But here, your provider applies slightly more pressure to the muscles to release trigger points, relax your body, and alleviate the pain.

· Extensive Tissue Massage

Extensive tissue massage specially targets the muscles located deep inside your body. Your therapist uses varying amounts of low, flowing movements and pressure to reach the connective tissue and deep muscles, thus offering pain relief, enhancing blood flow, and improving one’s mobility.

Why opt for Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy works to offer more than luxury. Regular sessions promote better health and wellness as they enhance blood flow and keep your muscles healthy. One should often opt for massage therapy to relax their muscles, minimize the susceptibility for trigger points, and chronic pain associated with excessive strain and physical exertion.

Massage therapy also comes in handy if you require lasting pain relief because of injuries or hidden medical conditions. If you frequently experience arthritis pain, headaches, neck and back pain, you might be the right candidate for massage therapy. At times, Dr. Marinaro might recommend massage therapy as a supplementary treatment to your comprehensive chiropractic care plan to enhance mobility and offer pain relief.

In conclusion, under Dr. Marinaro’s leadership, Pain Relief Center LA incorporates innovative techniques to offer lasting pain relief. Request an appointment for massage therapy today by calling Pain Relief Center LA or go online.