Text messaging has long been a common way to chat with friends and family. The simplicity and quick process involved in text messaging have made it a powerful mobile marketing tool for small businesses. Most people own a cell phone that can receive and respond to these texts in real-time. This also makes SMS marketing a useful tool for political campaigns. Correspondingly, you can learn more about the benefits of political SMS marketing software by taking a look at some of the helpful resources on the Tatango website.

Besides, most cell phone users are more engaged through SMS than other avenues such as social media or emails. However, some businesses are still reluctant to incorporate text messaging as a promotional tool as they deem it ineffective. Read on to understand the real power of mass texting.

The Mass Text Messaging Process

Mass texting is an incredibly easy process as you can communicate with all your customers within minutes. The entire process involves the following steps.

  • Sign up for a text messaging account with a number that will be displayed to the customers.
  • Import all the customer contact directly from your other platforms
  • Build a text message list from your customers by requesting them to text a unique keyword to your number or add a web form on your site.
  • Once you have customers’ numbers and have everything set, you can now write the message and then send it to all the targeted recipients.

Why Should I Use Mass Texting Service For My Business?

  • Mass texting service is an opt-in for customers- The traditional marketing mode requires you to spend a lot on messages that customers may ignore or forget. However, the SMS marketing strategy relies on customers that opt-in.
  • This means that all the customers that receive your text have signed up to receive them. The benefit is that you send appropriate messages to customers who are heavily invested in your business. Besides, you don’t waste money and time bothering uninterested customers.
  • Fosters positive customer relationships- Since texts are easy to manage, using them with voicemail provides two-way communication with your customers. Sending the bulk messages ensures that customers are coming back for more. Besides, the platform allows customers to send timely feedback and opinions about the products or business. 
  • You constantly engage your customers- Most customers can’t wait to read a new message as soon as it arrives in the inbox. This is unlike emails where customers are reluctant to open since most of them are spam and unnecessary advertising.  In addition, it is unlikely for customers to keep on refreshing their emails to check new messages. Instead, they treat the text message inbox as the best place for messages that need to be read immediately. 
  • Best for crucial reminders- The mass texting service helps business communication systems strategize on quick reminders about upcoming promotions and events. Also, the platforms allow you to inform your customers of new products and drastic changes in policies or prices. Most importantly, you can confirm leads through text message and track your message delivery since the platform provides this information.
Text messaging has been widely adopted mainly by the small business as they have been shown to enhance customer relationships. Besides, customers feel comfortable using the platform to communicate opinions, complaints and feedback rather than in-person.