When you are in Turkey, you are in one of the world's most magnificent tourist spots. There are hundreds of attractions that will make your stay longer if you want to visit them all. However, some of the most spectacular places in Turkey demand to pay off visiting once in your lifetime.

This article will discuss the famous attractions in Istanbul, Ankara, Marmaris, and Izmir, which are the most prominent parts of Turkey. Don’t miss keeping those attractions in your itineraries plan.

Istanbul: Istanbul is the centre of Turkey and filled with everything you desire for. From historical places to natural views, you will find them all in one package. You can visit madeinturkeytours.com for having the best itinerary plan with this travel company before your visit.

Topkapi Palace, Bosphorus, Bosphorus Bridge, Hagia Sophia, Sultanahmet, Blue Mosque, Spice Bazaar, and Rumeli Fortress are the most spectacular places in Istanbul you must keep in the itineraries. 

Set your schedule and give significant times to explore the Ottoman, Roman, and ancient period. Turkey’s famous historical and religious places are primarily located in Istanbul. 

Ankara: Ankara is famous mainly for museums, Anatolian’s historical sites, archaeology, art galleries, Roman culture and history, etc. Anitkabir (Ataturk Mausoleum), Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, Ulus’ Roman Remnants, Gordion trip, culture, art, historical galleries, etc., should be on your checklist while roaming around Ankara.

Take a day tour to cover all the sightseeing and attractions within a budget-friendly trip.

Marmaris: Marmaris has located nearby the Turquoise Coast, which is surrounded by beaches and resorts. If you want a peaceful and memorable trip with the touch of the sea, you can spend a few days in Marmaris.

Enjoy your days with a spa and hot bath in the Turkish Bath. Besides, you can enjoy underwater diving, beach sporting, and other activities on the beach. Spending times with family and kids out there will be wise.

Take a jeep safari, horse riding, balloon tour, paragliding, snorkelling, rafting, boat trip, and every other adventurous trip from Marmaris's famous spots. Enjoy your beach time with better experiences. 

Izmir: Izmir is famous for ancient Roman ruins and other historical places. Since Turkey is the perfect place for you to explore history, culture, and art, you can count on every spot here. Izmir has many significant tourist spots to make your trip outstanding.

Mount Kedifekale, Ataturk Museum, Izmir Clock Tower, Izmir Wildlife Park, Kara Lake, Mount Spil, etc., are some of the most spectacular sights of Izmir. You can have quality time here with kids and family while visiting the national park and zoos. 

The Wildlife Park, beautiful lakes, mountains, and natural scenic views will make you calm and refreshed.

In a word, Turkey has uncountable sightseeing and tourist spots that make travellers come by more often. You have to make a solid tour plan to cover all the famous sites within your vacation timing. Make the best out of your holiday.