If you take the proper precautions, you can only keep your yard from becoming a haven for mosquitoes and other pests. A common way that people keep their yards clear of these pests is by using insecticides. You'll be surprised at how many people think they are doing their part to help keep them away from their homes when, in reality, they may actually be making the problem worse. There are many ways to keep your yard mosquito-free without harsh chemicals. Here are some top tips for mosquito control:

Control Water Drainage

Make sure you keep standing water from sitting on your lawn. Mosquitoes love to get into wet, moist places such as puddles or even pools, so regularly drain standing water from around your home. Use a garden hose to remove any standing water, then clear away trees and shrubs that might have clogged up your drains. Do this as often as possible, and you should notice a decrease in the number of mosquitoes you see.

Keep Grasses Greedily Busy

This might sound weird, but it's true. If you put fertilizer on your lawn, be sure to also keep it watered. This is important because the more grass you plant and the more water you give it, the more grass will try to live in that space. That means more mosquitoes! You can take the professional services of Sakro Lawn Care to keep your lawn clean and well maintained.

Control Where Plants Are Growing

Specific flowers and plants attract certain types of mosquitoes. Get rid of these to eliminate the problem. Examples are passionflower and peppermint. You can also use mosquito spray around the perimeter of your yard. These sprays have natural chemicals that keep mosquitoes away.

You'll also want to use barriers to prevent problems. For example, planting tall grasses can help block the development of standing water. There are also devices you can buy that will create a barrier to repel certain types of insects. Make sure you research these products to ensure they're effective.

Use Plants That Don't Attract Mosquitoes.

Certain types of grasses and shrubs don't attract mosquitoes. Cut them back, or you'll have problems with them and your family. You can use a product designed to attract only these types of insects, or you can also try other methods.

Makes Your Garden Watertight

Finally, be sure that you limit the amount of water your plants and bushes get. These can be a breeding ground for bugs, meaning more mosquitoes. Be careful about watering them at night, and be sure to water them early in the morning when it's cool outside. Also, be sure to mulch where needed.

These methods are great and will definitely help. But remember that they will only work if your drainage is clear. Get a professional to look at your drainage issues to determine what needs to be done. But ensure it's taken care of before you do anything else.

Use natural mosquito repellent. 

The best mosquito repellent for your yard, the environment, and your health is natural, so be sure to choose carefully. This should be an easy task as most of the lawn products and services on the market today contain some repellent, and choices for natural products are increasing as people become more conscious about their health and the environment. Just make sure you hire a trustworthy and reputable company such as Yard Dawgs Lawn Care to keep your lawn mosquito-free.

Always keep your lawn clean.

Of course, one of the top tips for keeping your lawn mosquito-free doesn't involve keeping your lawn clean at all times. The mosquito is the most common insect in most lawns around the country. So, you must keep these insects away from your yard by cleaning regularly and avoiding littering. There are a variety of ways to accomplish this. One way is using an insect repellent designed to keep these pesky critters away from your yard.

There are other ways to get rid of them, as well. But the bottom line is you should do whatever you can to keep them out of your yard. This won't necessarily mean using pesticides or anything of that nature. Keeping your lawn free from these pests just involves maintaining the areas around your yard clean and clear of standing water. You can easily accomplish this by simply using a leaf blower on those areas of your lawn that get puddles of water often.