cannabis strains
People do not always seek 'high' from cannabis, although most people believe it is the biggest motivation for consuming marijuana. The pot can indeed fire your imagination so much that you would feel like floating into the air while traveling into a joyful world where happiness never ends. The lure of escaping from reality and spending time in a fantasy world is indeed one of the attractions of marijuana, but there are many other needs too.

Different strains of cannabis that are available from the online cannabis store serve different purposes mostly linked to relaxation of the body offered by the Indica strain and mind, and many others have several health benefits. Cannabis is also suitable for mental stimulation, especially if you choose the Sativa strain.

Before you choose your cannabis strain, it will be helpful to know more about these so that you can distinguish them easily and decide which type would suit your purpose. Trying to choose the strain without knowing why you need it would be like putting the cart before the horse. Let us now proceed to know how to distinguish between Indica and Sativa.

Tale of Indica and Sativa

Cannabis not only gives a mental high by altering the functioning of the brain briefly due to the action of THC present in the strain, but the belief is that some strains give a body high too. The first type relates to Cannabis Sativa, and the other type relates to Cannabis Indica. This is the general perception about cannabis which should give some direction in buying, although you need to consider some other finer points to distinguish between the strains.

Cannabis Indica grows in colder climates while Cannabis Sativa grows in hotter climates closer to the equator, mostly in East Asia. The climatic condition affects the appearance of the cannabis plant that helps to distinguish one from another, but how it impacts the effects of the strains is a question that does not have any clear answer.

Although popular belief is that the strains themselves produce the desired cannabis effects, it is the compounds of terpenes and cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant that causes the effects. Both varieties of Indica and Sativa have various levels of terpenes and cannabinoids. Since none of these are exclusively present in either strain, it is impossible to confirm that Indica or Sativa can cause some specific effects that you may be looking for.

Hybrids are a fusion of Indica and Sativa, which illustrates the facts stated above, and the cross-breeds are like a third strain of cannabis. Although cross-breeding results in hybrids, some indigenous India and Sativa might have a hybrid nature by default.

Terpenes and cannabinoids

To understand the effects of cannabis, you must understand the role of terpenes and cannabinoids. The cannabinoids in cannabis interact with the endocannabinoid system of the body. THC and CBD are the most potent cannabinoids in the cannabis plant that produces high and provide stress relief.

Terpenes give flavor and aroma to cannabis, which helps in identifying the strain easily.