Printer Copier Scanner

Traditional printers usually had only the printing mode where data was sent from a computer or desktop to the machine. The printer used to print the same image on paper. The ink with which the printing was done was dependent on the type of cartridge one was using. Even though these printers were highly beneficial for residential and commercial uses, they lacked copying and scanning features.

Due to this, several companies designed and manufactured all-in-one printers where you will be able to print several documents and scan and copy them. However, these printer copier scanner machines are new in the market. And that’s why many people are unaware of the facts that need to be considered to make the perfect selection. Perhaps this is the reason for their hesitation and dilemma in buying such an all-in-one printer.

However, they are incredibly beneficial and hence, one should know how the best all-in-one printer can be chosen. Here we have discussed some of the facts you should consider rather than taking haste decisions to find the best printer copier scanner machine.

Scanner Features

Since these printer copier scanner machines will have an integrated scanner, you need to consider the scanner features. First of all, choose a machine that can automatically scan multiple pages efficiently. Also, make sure the scanned copies have high resolution. The moment you view the document images on the desktop, the letters or the contents don’t come as blurred.

Printing Resolution

The print repletion of the printer copier scanner machines is measured in DPI or Dots per Inch. The higher the number of DPI, the higher the print resolution, and the better the print quality. If you are willing to buy an all-in-one printer for your home, a beginner level machine with 600X600 DPI will be ideal. But for commercial purposes, it’s best to have a lookout for the 1200X1300 or the 4800X1200 DPI resolutions.

Printing Speeds

The printer copier scanner machines' duty cycle must be such that you won’t have to wait for too long to get the copies done. Be it for scanning some documents or making copies, the machine shouldn’t take long because that will reduce the productivity of the office. Usually, the all-in-one printers can print twenty to thirty pages in one minute. But, if you have a coloured cartridge, it will take more time to print one page.


There are two types of options for connectivity when it comes to printer copier scanner machines.

Network connectivity: Here, the printers will be connected to various PCs or the desktop you are using over the internet. So, based on how many machines will access the printer, you need to choose the final product.

Wireless connectivity: In this type of machine, you easily connect a desktop with the printer via a wireless medium like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. These are convenient and hence, more popular nowadays.

Ink choice

Ink choice

Lastly, you need to think about the type of ink you would like to have in your printer copier scanner machine. The two ink cartridge provides all the prints and scanned copies in black ink. If you want a coloured cartridge, you will have to choose the four-ink one where you will have a black cartridge, and the rest three will be cyan, yellow, and magenta. For those who have unused ink and toner cartridges, you can sell those to a toner surplus buyer to earn a little bit of money.


A printer is one of the essential hardware elements that one will need, especially if the person is an active working person. However, since the need to have scanned documents or copied ones has increased, it will be ideal for having all three functionalities in one rather than buying three separate devices. This is where the printer copier scanner machines come in. You can follow this guide and get the best all-in-one machine for your home or your office.