Living in Northern Country, we all love the sun and appreciate our short summer season.

Still, we need to consider the impact UV (Ultra Violet) radiation.

Humans, animals, Plants, all need UV for our health, but excessive amount of it could be harmful on our skin.

Some Type of Coating Glass will completely eliminate UV and will reduce heat waves penetrating trough the glass.

For people living in warm sunny climates this type of glass will be beneficial, but what about Ontarian’s? What about our pets sitting at home and hardly go out during the winter season? What about plants in the house?

Homeowner needs to do thorough research before choosing strength of the glass coating.

Some saying that stronger LowE (Low Emissivity) coating will be beneficial for the house: for furniture, for the floor, but in my opinion, before we worry about furniture or floor, lets see, how luck of UV could impact Humans, pets and plants in the house.

Some amount of Ultra Violet is beneficial for humans and help developing Vitamin D. We strongly recommend blanching and rather have a bit more UV then less in the house. You always can purchase curtains to reduce the heat.

If your windows are facing North or East, then to choose the strongest LowE coating could be rather wrong then right in our opinion. 

Those sides are lucking of light as it is, then we will put curtains and as the result: rooms are dark, no light, not even a bit sun rays and vitamin D so much needed in the winter season will be impossible.

South and West side of the house should be approached carefully as well.

Do you have any plants there are, is it the bedroom and needs to be cooler or leaving room, were family spend most of the time.

What is your cooking habits?

If household prepares meals and it takes a lot of water to boil, then all this condensation will be deposited on the surfaces in the house ( most on the glass). With luck of heat waves penetrating trough the glass this condensation with lack of ventilation could trigger the mold.

Which windows should I opt for?

Energy-efficient windows and doors are a great investment for your home. They add to its value, which is something every homeowner wants.

Your home’s windows and doors are a barrier between the weather outside and the temperature inside. Your home’s HVAC system makes your home more comfortable, whether the air conditioner or the furnace are running. During the summers, the UV rays can make your home warmer than you like, increasing your reliance on the air conditioner. Likewise, during cooler months your home experiences heating loss, increasing your dependency on the furnace.

Always opt for ENERGY STAR products for your home’s windows and doors to protect your home and family from damaging UV rays. The lower the u-factor of a product, the more energy-efficient it is. With these windows, your home’s furniture, carpets, and paint won’t suffer any damage.

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