The rustic decor is characterized by its solid wood furniture, imposing sideboards and large dining tables. It is often seen as a retro and vintage style. But we believe it has enough charm to make other styles of decoration blush, thanks to the exquisiteness it exudes. This authentic decoration is warm and much appreciated both in winter, with its beautiful wood stove, as in summer, with its mountain charm.

Leaving prejudices aside, rustic decorations can be just as trendy as minimalistic ones. You just have to follow a few rules and set up a completely chic and ultra-warm rustic home for yourself.

TIP 1: Highlight the materials

Wooden furniture

Who says rustic decoration necessarily implies the presence of perfect, luxury wooden pieces? For a rustic-chic design to be successful, it is first necessary to go through the furniture of your grandmother, in order to fish out a few old pieces, such as a wooden coffee table, a dining table, a few stools or just the cupboard you cared so much about when you were small. If you don't have enough of this kind of family furniture, browse flea markets, private sales or outlet furniture catalogues such as homey design.

Moreover, when talking about furniture, pay special attention to wardrobes and china cabinets in which to display your grandmother's porcelain service. Mismatched antique plates will also work very well - cause this is all the furniture and details that tell a story.

Highlight your centrepieces

For a light rustic atmosphere, the few rare wooden furniture items should be highlighted. These should become the centrepieces of your interior. To do this, avoid crowding the room as in Victorian times.

For example, in a classic rustic home, we will often find a wooden workbench in a hallway and nothing else. In the living room, a coffee table will be most likely highlighted by its authentic wood. Those old sliding doors in solid wood also offer a guaranteed barn effect in such a home! For the dining room - a large family table, which allows one to highlight this rustic piece of furniture, but also to keep a bright and modern room.

Cement stones and tiles

If you live in an old house and you have a stone or brick wall to highlight, you can integrate it with stone facing tiles or even brick-effect wallpaper.

Otherwise, an interior plaster, a wall worked with lime or a light paint, for example, will do perfectly well. On the floor, if the original material is neither raw wood nor terracotta, lay terracotta or cement tiles. They will bring a certain charm to your interior. Either way, ban PVC coverings!

TIP 2: Make the beams stand out

A 100% rustic interior usually consists of beams. Keeping them and making them stand out is essential for the charm and character of your interior. For this, the ceiling can be repainted in white, keeping the exposed beams as they are. This will not only brighten the room but will also give a greater height effect and make your beautiful wooden beams stand out.

If the ubiquity of wood bothers you, consider repainting the ceiling a very light colour, such as white, and then repainting your beams in a light colour as well, such as gray or beige. This will change this overly woody effect of your room and add a more contemporary touch to your interior.

TIP 3: Mix styles

Rustic decor can easily be mixed with other decor styles. The Scandinavian style can be very suitable thanks to the presence of wood in almost all its details.

The rustic decor can also be very suitable for an interior mix of luxury and industrially. Mixing styles can also be achieved through a match of furniture of different styles. A solid wood coffee table, a minimalistic carpet and a designer armchair, for example.

TIP 4: The colours of a rustic decoration

Natural tones

For a perfect family home decor and a gorgeous country style, the colours must be natural, both in furniture and accessories. A light-coloured interior will immediately be more luminous and calming.

You need off-white, beige, taupe, string, linen, sandy shades... These tones can be a part of the basic colour chart, while calm pink, blue or pastel green can also enhance the ensemble with their contrast.

The accents of colour

To spice up a rustic decoration, dare to use a few touches of colour. They can be found on decorative items such as cushions, lamps or even a rug. Colours always bring more life and charm to an interior, whatever the style. However, be sure to harmonize all the elements.

TIP 5: The final rustic touch

The rustic home decor, the chic country style or simply the rustic decoration materializes in the small decorative elements. A bunch of dried flowers here, daisies in zinc can there, old advertisements on the wall.

You can also place a cookie jar on the table, hang black and white portraits over the fireplace, and add a wicker basket to store some stuff. Ah, and don’t forget to place candles everywhere, on tables and window sills. The final touch: a crystal chandelier above the table in the living room.