It doesn’t matter if you have long, short, curly, or straight hair (or a few of these combined). Caring for your hair is something that should be at the top of your list. You may be doing well at taking care of your skin, but what about your hair? Making changes for healthier hair is vital if you want to avoid split ends and dryness. Your hair deserves to be shiny and full of life!

If you’re on a mission to keep your hair healthy (or get it healthy once more), here are seven rules to follow!

1. Have a Healthy Diet

Your hair’s condition largely depends on what you eat, so select your meals with care. Pack your diet full of nutrient-rich foods to keep your hair looking incredible!

Here are a few foods to add to your diet or eat more of for beautiful hair:

  • Eggs
  • Berries
  • Fatty Fish
  • Spinach
  • Nuts
  • Avocados
A few vitamins that promote healthy hair are protein, biotin, vitamin C, and omega-3 fatty acids. Eggs have protein and biotin, and foods like spinach and berries have vitamin C!

If you haven’t been eating the right foods as of late, it’s never too late to change your diet. Not only will eating these foods improve the health of your hair, but your overall health as well!

Pick out a few foods that you haven’t been eating and add them to your grocery list. Preparing the right meals will ensure you maintain healthy-looking hair!

2. Get Regular Haircuts

Even if your hair is healthy, it’s still wise to get a haircut every three months or so.

Getting your hair trimmed prevents your hair from getting damaged. Even if you’re trying to grow your hair out, getting an inch or two off can clean up split ends and promote hair growth.

It turns out once you have split ends; eventually, they will continue to spread until it reaches the root. When that happens, your hair is vulnerable to further damage.

To prevent split ends and unhealthy hair, don’t put off getting a haircut. Keep your hair healthy and strong!

3. Wait as Long as Possible to Wash It

It sounds gross to go days without showering. But if you can manage, wait a few days or more to wash your hair. Or, go ahead and take a shower, but don’t wash your hair! That’s what shower caps are for!

You should wait to wash your hair because it’ll help it maintain its shine and lustre. And your scalp also won’t get dried out from washing your hair too often.

Washing your hair too frequently leads to frizz, split ends, and dry hair. Of course, you can’t totally stop washing your hair. But if you’re able to clean it less often, that’s ideal.

4. Don’t Shampoo it Every Time

If you work out daily, you may have no other option than to wash your hair more often. Otherwise, your hair will get oily, and it won’t look very appealing!

But even though you have to wash, it doesn’t mean you have to use shampoo and conditioner. Using too much hair product strips it of its natural oils and harms it!

Washing your hair every day means you should only shampoo it every third day or so. On the other days, rinse it so it won’t get dried out.

It may be challenging combing out your hair after not using shampoo. If you’d prefer, use a little bit of leave-in conditioner afterwards. That way, you won’t damage your hair from combing it, resulting in split ends.

5. Avoid Using a Lot of Heat

After getting out of the shower, you may have the habit of blow-drying your hair. Since heat damages hair, blow-drying it every day isn’t a good idea. Ideally, if you can air-dry your hair, do that.

There are a few other tips to drying your hair without heat, such as using less heat or plopping your hair.

Work Quickly & Use Less Heat

If you must blow-dry your hair, try to work quickly (without damaging your hair, of course). The less heat you use, the better. It may seem like a lot of trouble, but making the extra effort will ensure your hair looks healthy and beautiful.

One secret to blow-drying your hair less is to gently pat it down before drying it. Doing this means exposing your hair to less heat, which is the goal.

Try Plopping

If you have curly hair, try plopping! And if you don’t have many curls, plopping is still much better than blow-drying it.

Plopping is a method of using a tee-shirt to let your hair dry and maintain its curl. This is a healthy, natural hair drying method instead of using a blow dryer or rubbing it with a towel. Give this styling method a try if you haven’t before. You’ll love that it’s an easy way for your hair to dry naturally and look bouncy too!

6. Try a Hair Mask

If you haven't used a hair mask before, you're missing out! There are different types of hair masks available, and they have moisturizing ingredients your hair will soak up (literally!).

A few excellent ingredients to look out for are argan oil, shea butter, coconut oil, and jojoba. The right hair masks will prevent dandruff and other hair conditions. It’s a wonderful treatment that improves your hair and the health of your scalp.

It's a good idea to use a hair mask every week or so. If you put a lot of product in your hair or straighten it a lot, use a hair mask more often. You can't go wrong with a hair mask. Using one will hydrate your locks and make them silky smooth!

7. Use the Correct Hair Brush

Believe it or not, but using the correct hairbrush is essential for your hair's upkeep. If your hair is long, using a wide-tooth comb is better than one with fine bristles. It turns out fine bristles can damage your hair. And we all know what happens when you damage your hair — split ends!

You don't have to stay away from bristles if you have fine hair, though. Boar bristles work well for fine hair because they'll easily glide through your hair. This is vital because you don't want to snag and hurt your hair. If you're unsure which type of hairbrush is right for your hair, ask your salon stylist. You can also read about the brush online before buying it.


Taking care of your hair may seem like a lot of work. You may especially feel this way if you haven't concentrated on your hair in the past. But by focusing on the health of your hair, you'll keep it healthy, strong, and beautiful. When you look at your gorgeous hair in the mirror, you'll realize all your hard work is paying off!

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