Mole Removal

Moles are growths that develop on your skin. They’re a fairly common skin condition that may appear anywhere on your Skin in groups or individually.

Usually, they’re black or brown. moles develop when cells in your skin grow in clusters instead of spreading evenly throughout your skin.

These cells are known as melanocytes and make the pigment that gives your skin a natural color. A significant fraction of moles is not dangerous. However, you may need to seek treatments, such as laser mole removal, if you don’t like how the mole feels or looks on your skin. It is also recommendable that you consult with an experienced dermatologist if you get moles later in life or your moles begin to change in shape, size, or color, as it may indicate a hidden health condition. After the mole removal surgery, the dermatologist advised the patient to avoid direct sunlight and to keep the surgical site clean and dry until it fully healed.

Is Laser Mole Removal Painful?

Laser mole removal involves using powerful medical lasers to eliminate the moles. This treatment involves intense bursts of light radiation that break down the mole cells in your Skin. This laser skin resurfacing also helps rejuvenate dead skin cells. You can get the best treatment for mole removal from, as they have an experienced staff.

If the mole is common and you’re a good candidate for laser mole removal, you will need between two and three sessions to eliminate the moles on your skin. The laser may be preferable if you’ve developed moles in hard-to-reach areas such as on your ears and the face.

Your dermatologist may also recommend it if you wish to eliminate multiple moles on your skin at once. Laser mole removal is not necessarily painful, so you shouldn’t feel much discomfort during treatment.

Your skin doctor will give you a local anesthetic treatment before this procedure, and that’s when you may feel slight discomfort, just like you’d think with any injection. Once the anesthetic has taken effect, you will not feel pain throughout the treatment.

To ensure you’re ready before beginning laser mole removal treatment, your dermatologist may need to test that the target treatment areas are numb. Each mole takes around just 5 minutes to remove. However, your entire appointment may last 30 minutes, including the preparation and discussion you will have with the dermatologist about issues like aftercare.

How long does Skin take to Heal after Laser Mole Removal?

Healing after laser mole removal isn’t complicated. After the procedure, the treatment area will have a small red mark on the area where the mole was located on your Skin.

The dermatologist will cover this red mark with special ointment and dressing, which must be removed the following morning. The red mark here will then form a scab which will drop off, leaving you with smooth pink Skin on the treatment area.

You will typically need to wait 10 to 14 days for the skin area to heal and get a smooth pink mark. This pink mark won’t stay on your Skin permanently but will gradually fade within approximately four weeks following the treatment.

You can expect your mole removal scar to heal within four weeks. You can always resume your regular schedules right away after laser mole removal.

Nonetheless, if the mole was removed from your face in an easily visible location, for example, around your forehead, some people may notice where the mole was removed. You can always wear makeup to conceal the area your mole was removed if you wish so.

To avoid risks of infection or to interrupt the natural healing process on your skin, it is advisable that you only wear the makeup after the scab that forms on your Skin has dropped off. This usually takes place within 10 to 14 days following the treatment, implying that you must wait around 10 to 14 days before applying makeup on the treated areas.

How do you Take Care of your Skin after Laser Mole Removal?

If this is the first time you’re getting laser treatment, determining how to care for your skin after laser mole removal may be confusing. Laser mole removal isn’t complicated, though. Here are a few tips to help you care for your skin after this procedure.

Avoid Extensive Sun Exposure

After this treatment, the skin on the area where your moles were removed will be more sensitive. Therefore, any damage caused by UV rays may be worse than it would have been with ‘normal skin.’

Therefore, you should limit the amount of time you spend in the sun after laser mole removal. If you go outdoors, always be in shaded areas and use sunscreen to prevent the sun’s rays from hitting your skin directly.

Keep the Treated Area Clean

You must keep the freshly lasered skin areas clean. You should use gentle cleansers on the treated areas and avoid the harsher ones until you’ve healed fully. Your dermatologist will give you the basics when cleaning the treated area.

Keep the Skin Area Moisturized

Dermatologists often recommend special moisturizers on your Skin after laser mole removal. The moisturizer will ensure your Skin is moisturized to help it heal. You must use the moisturizer as directed to hydrate your skin and to also help keep germs away.

Find the Best Laser Mole Removal Skin Doctor in Singapore

Aesthetic treatments are as demanding as other restorative procedures. Therefore, it is equally necessary that you find a skilled dermatologist for your laser mole removal if you prefer the laser technique.

To find the best skin doctor, you may need to seek referrals from loved ones or colleagues who have had laser mole removal in the past. You may also personally search for the best dermatologist online for mole removal in Singapore.

After finding a skin doctor to check with, ensure that they’re reputed in dermatology. They should also be board-certified, and if working in a clinic, they should be accredited.

Take Away

Laser mole removal won’t hurt if the laser therapy protocols are followed. If you’re considering laser mole removal, consult a qualified dermatologist for a complete mole and assessment.