Woman love make-up and there is no denying to that fact. Makeup is the most sought-after accessory that a woman prefers to own after clothes. Also, even those women who swear for no makeup look invest in some kind of cosmetics for sure. Even if it is something as little as eye kohl or as simple as a lip balm, the range to choose from is appalling.

And there is also no denying that women tend to spend the most on their make-up after clothes. Do you find yourself nodding as you realise that your makeup is responsible for creating a hole in your pocket? Do you agree that it is the culprit behind throwing your budget over the line every single time? Worry not!

Do not buy Makeup that you won’t use

Every one of us is found to be guilty of buying things we don’t need. Such is the power of extreme marketing offers that we just can’t refuse. But more often than not these things end up occupying space in our closet, and sooner or later we tend to forget about them until one beautiful day when we start to declutter our lives. Amongst these many used things is the makeup that we have bought on a whim or the offer was too tempting back then. Like you bought three lipstick because of the offer price when you only wanted one.
  • Tip: Don’t buy extra makeup that you already have. Make a conscious choice before you pay.

Look for Alternative Makeup brands

Love a shade of a lipstick, but it seems too over budget for you? Ever wondered what if you can find a similar shade of lipstick with another brand. Yes, this is very much possible. Almost all big brands have shades that are readily available in brands that are less expensive yet identical in every other aspect. These are also known as Dupes in the makeup industry.

There is a belief with customers that buying a cheaper brand might compromise with the quality of the product. However, this might not always be true. Go for brands that might be lesser known but as growing at a faster pace. Check on their background, it might be possible that what appears to be a lesser-known brand to you had earned great reviews with a large customer in some region of the world.

  • Tip: Read customer reviews of the brand and the product before putting your money over a particular dupe.

Sign up for Samples

Unsure of what products would be good for you and your skin? Does it happen that you end up buying products that don’t suit your skin and it just ends up being a waste of money? Or there are shades of makeup that doesn’t suit your skin tone. Try signing up for samples. Many online and offline sources offer sample kits or small kits that lets you try a particular range of products for a lesser amount. If the products suits you well you can go on to buy that specific product in a more significant amount. This also helps when there is a lipstick shade that you require only for one single dress that’s only worn once a blue moon. Sample technique fit perfectly for these dresses.

Makeup sales and discounts

Even wondered when you can get deal on party dresses for women, then why should makeup be left behind. There are many online portals which often run festive discounts almost every few months. Then there are offers which run across many stores and brand as the major festivals of the year approach. Look for such deals of the year to buy your favourite products off the shelf. These might be a good time to invest in bulk or group packages. If you and your friends use similar kinds of makeup, go ahead and buy those deals in bulk. There is no denying that you will definitely end up saving up money if you invest in these deals wisely.

  • Tip: As there are bulk items on sale, remember do a quick check up on the expiry date or the shelf life of the product you are going to buy. Since makeup last few months to even a year depending upon your usage, make sure you don’t use expired products on your skin. 

Loyalty might get you free makeup

Every woman tends to have one or two favourite brands for sure. As a part of their marketing strategy, every brand dishes out their loyalty rewards programs. After signing up, you receive certain points against your every purchase. On the accumulation of specific locations, you can avail freebies and discount vouchers to buy your makeup and essentials. Moreover, they might entertain you with various special offers on your special days like birthday and anniversary. Or they might give you an additional discount as compared to those who aren’t a regular customer to their store.

Quick bonus tips:

Buy two-in-one makeup products instead of going for individual products. Like, buy a foundation that works as a foundation as well as a concealer. 

  • Store your makeup in the fridge to increase its shelf life. Refrigerating products like lipstick and foundations will prevent them from the drastically changing temperatures. 
  • Use DIY tips for makeup, like using vaseline as a makeup remover will save you the cost of buying one instead.
  • Use homemade products to create face packs and hair masks that works wonders better than these cosmetics.
Looking great is every woman’s right, but it shouldn’t bother her wallet. Looking fabulous shouldn’t come at a price. Be smart and use these tips to get your favourite look in much less than what you used to, and no one will ever be able to tell the difference, of course except your bank account statement! And you can use this saved money for a better cause too. So, Armed with this tips are you ready to keep on huge makeup costs?

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