Many companies around the world have already realized the benefits of creating instructional videos. There are several basic ideas for creating such videos:
  • Company information;
  • Product information;
  • Training on the product;
  • Humorous advertising.
Several major studies have confirmed the effectiveness of this approach. People better perceive the information in a compressed form. At the same time animation allows to reduce the load of perception in comparison with the usual reading.

 The duration of the training video is from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. This is the optimal time for a brief and clear distillation of information with a call to action.

Explanatory and usual marketing content

The difference between explainer videos and traditional commercials or long movies is the concentration of useful knowledge. Modern people value their time the most. By giving them brief and useful information about a company's product, they can be sure that people will watch to the end. And a bright and interesting plot ensures that the brand will be remembered.

This does not mean that traditional advertising materials should be abandoned. You can shoot long overview videos or Comprehensive Product Guides. But they have a different goal. Short videos attract the attention of a wider audience. And if the viewer remembers you and the video turned out to be useful to him, he will most likely come to watch your other videos. Short videos also increase direct-to-sale conversions. Longer ones are obviously suitable if a person is not fully convinced of the need to purchase. People also watch long videos if they need more information about a product and how to use it.

Steps in creating a short video

The principle of preparing short instructional videos is not much different from producing traditional long-form materials. The difference is that you can use special services and templates. For example, explainer video company - Explain Ninja, provides a large number of special tools to make the final product turn out stylish and hit the exact target.

In order for a video to be effective, you need to follow a few basic principles in preparing the material:

First, you need to gather all the information about the product, service and company. Then it is important to choose only the most useful points for potential buyers.

Then attention should be paid to writing a non-trivial script. Strong emotions make a brand memorable. If the audience is surprised or delighted, you will definitely be remembered!

A quality storyboard is the most important stage. Each scene in the video must have a detailed description. This allows you to think about smooth transitions and remove unnecessary elements even before editing. Next, you need to shoot and edit the video. Special effects help draw the viewer's attention to key moments. The slow-motion and acceleration are also designed to hold attention.

You can shoot an educational video with the help of a professional operator and equipment. But some companies make beautiful videos 30-60 seconds long on the basis of an ordinary presentation. Templates in special software are a good basis.


The popularity of short training videos will never wane. Important information, presented briefly and in clear language, leaves a good impression about the company. This way you show that you care about your customers.